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Technology Training and Competency, Web Authoring Tools, Desktop Computers, Portable Computers and Handhelds, Monitors and Displays, Peripherals, Storage Devices, Workstations, Wired Access: Switches, Routers, Hubs, Etc., Wireless Access: Optical Wireless, and Computer Networking Products and Other Tools

Technology Training and Competency

CTAP Online
CTAP Online offers courses in such areas as basic computer skills, technology integration, and standards-driven lessons. Teachers who take these courses for staff development or further training can enroll and attend online in their free time. Courses are also available in a face-to-face setting. Course members have access to chat rooms and threaded discussion boards that allow teachers to interact with others teaching the same grade level or subject. Photo and bio pages allow teachers to learn more about their fellow CTAP Online participants. CTAP Online also offers a wealth of useful links for teachers. These links include standards-based lesson plans, rubrics, State education sites, technology sites and many other useful links. Contact: Butte County Office of Education, Oroville, CA; (530) 532-5814;
Metrowerks, maker of CodeWarrior software, offers free online software development training for CodeWarrior users and would-be users. Currently Metrowerks is offering courses in PalmOS Programming with CodeWarrior, Introduction to Embedded Programming, and other courses related to their products, as well as basic courses on programming with C, C++, and Java. Contact: Metrowerks, Austin, TX; (512) 997-4700;

Collegis offers a comprehensive array of services, including: Campus Planning, Process Analysis and Design, Administrative Systems (ERP) Implementation, Application Services (ASP), Management Services, Legacy Systems Management, ERP Web-Enablement, Portal Services, EIS/Data Warehouse, e-Commerce and e-Learning. Contact: Collegis, Maitland, FL; (800) 800-1874;

Explore, an interactive guided learning program from Course Technology (part of Thomson Publishing) teaches students computer skills by putting them into a simulated environment. Students take on the role of an intern in a fictional advertising agency, and through that role learn their skills through processes such as analyzing data, comparing and contrasting, synthesizing information, and drawing conclusions. Contact: Course Technology, Boston, MA; (617) 757-7900;

International Academy of Science
The International Academy of Science, run by the WideBand Gigabit Networking Alliance (WGNA) offers an online course on wideband gigabit networking, an opportunity to learn how to integrate gigabit speeds into an existing network, how to improve network performance and expand network flexibility, and how to deliver high-quality video over the network. Along with the basic concepts of WideBand Gigabit Networking Technology, the course covers such topics as network configuration and design, delivery of high quality video on the network, high-performance network servers, enhanced Ethernet, and more. The WGNA is an organization composed of institutional, academic, and school members. Contact: WGNA, Independence, MO; (816) 220-3000;

LearnLinc 5
LearnLinc 5 from Mentergy provides synchronized Web navigation, enabling instructors to launch browsers on all student PCs and control access to Web sites. Version 5 features instructor/student floor control, class coordination, synchronized multimedia or Web-based courseware, application sharing, whiteboard and text chat, record/playback, and breakout groups. Improvements include smaller downloads in this version and a simplified interface and installation process. In addition, LearnLinc maintains a wide array of communications options, such as audio conferencing, streaming video, and IP multicasting. Contact: Mentergy, Atlanta, GA; (770) 612-9129;

Lotus Learning Space
LearningSpace 5 is a complete learning management and delivery system that lets users seamlessly integrate course content, whether it be generated by the instructor or a content provider. Learning Space supports self-paced, collaborative, or real-time learning. Lotus LearningSpace 5 Core Module uses active server page technology and relational database structures to support the delivery and tracking of online self-paced learning content. Self-paced courses can be highly structured with controlled paths and prerequisite assessments, providing flexible learner access designed to suit individual learning needs. Lotus LearningSpace 5 Collaboration Module combines the self-paced learning capabilities of the core module with the extensive collaborative learning capabilities that enable learners and instructors to work and learn together using discussion databases or via real-time, virtual classrooms. This capability makes it possible to bring together groups located throughout the world. Contact: Lotus Corp., Cambridge, MA; (800) 346-1305;

Web Authoring Tools

Crystal Graphics
Crystal Graphics packages its Web site enhancement tools in an affordable bundle. The package includes WEBackgrounds, Crystal 3D IMPACT Pro and Crystal 3D CD. WEBackgrounds includes 100 professionally designed Web backgrounds that download quickly. Impact Pro features Crystal Graphics' animation software, and 3D CD is a collection of 75 3D effects. With the package, users can create animated titles, logos, buttons, and objects easily simply by clicking on the desired look. Contact: Crystal Graphics, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 496-6175;

Eye Candy 4000
This graphics plug-in from Alien Skin Software offers users 23 special effects filters including wood, fire, and marble for backgrounds, images, or text. The Drip filter-complete with 3D-like drops turns text and images into dripping paintings, while the Melt filter allows users to stretch and distort using realistic melting effects. Hundreds of presets create effects instantly, but tools such as the Bevel Profile Editor and Color Gradient Editor allow users complete control over shape and color. Users can switch from one filter to another in the large preview window and can see effects with all layers visible. Real-world parameters create resolution-independent images that will look the same when printed at 72 dpi or put onto a Web site at 300 dpi or higher. Contact: Alien Skin Software; Raleigh, NC; (888) 921-7546;

This Adobe software features WYSIWYG page layout with one-pixel accuracy. The layout grid lets users place elements anywhere on the page, and they will display that way in a Web browser. Users can manage a Web site with a tool that provides a graphical map of each page, showing pages that are linked to it and including a list of graphics and other media, links, and e-mail addresses that appear in the page. Users can also update an entire site at once if they change a filename, URL, or e-mail address. While working on a Web page or a site in GoLive, users can easily preview the page as it would appear in different browsers on different platforms. In addition to the source and layout views common to many WYSIWYG Web page editors, GoLive has a useful HTML outline view that allows users to instantly see connections between related tags. Version 5.0 has more than 100 new features. Contact: Adobe Systems; San Jose, CA; (408) 536-6000;

LiveMotion makes it easy to animate images for the Web and to import Photoshop and Illlustrator files. The animation timeline in LiveMotion is object-based so that each part of an image can be animated separately, even if the parts are on the same layer. Animations can be exported as GIFs or SWFs. LiveMotion also lets users create and save styles for rollovers, making it easy to create a set of similar buttons without having to repeat tedious steps. Contact: Adobe Systems; San Jose, CA; (408) 536-6000;

NetUp is an easy-to-use Windows application that makes it simple for inexperienced PC users to create and maintain Web sites. Using a single set of friendly and intuitive tools, NetUp lets users do page layout, create images, add text, and publish a Web site to the Internet, without learning programming or graphic artistry. Creating a new home page is as easy as defining the page dimensions and moving text and images. NetUp features a built-in graphics creation tool that lets users make graphics in minutes. Users can create buttons and banners by selecting their shape, choosing from a collection of professionally designed styles, adding words, and playing with shadows, bevels, and glows. Users can type text, or cut and paste it into new pages. All text and graphics operations have unlimited undo/redo capabilities, making it easy to try new visual ideas and keep only those that work. NetUp's built-in previewer lets users assess the look and feel of the Web site, and test all of the hyperlinks and mouse-over effects. NetUp keeps track of which objects are new or changed, and with a single click, users can upload them to the Internet. NetUp runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000. Contact Via-Net Aps, Denmark, +45 8620 5151;

Quest 6.0
A reusable and extensible object-oriented architecture lets Quest 6.0 enhance the development of interactive training and education applications. Features include FastTracks, multiple libraries of pre-built screen layouts, buttons, and interactions. QuestNet+, a 16-bit version for both novice and expert developers, offers interactive training via CD-ROM, the Internet, an intranet, LAN, or a hybrid mix of delivery vehicles. Users need a 32-bit operating system-Windows 95 or higher or Windows NT-to take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities. Contact: Mentergy, Atlanta, GA; (770) 612-9129;

This family of audio software products from Sonic Desktop enables Web site builders to create soundtracks in minutes. Music and sound effects files are embedded with information that allows the software to manipulate the audio automatically. The Maestro feature quickly locates the type of music required and automatically edits it to the specified length-accurate to 1/10 of a second. SmartSound comes with CDs of royalty-free music, and users can also import their own audio and edit it manually in the BlockClipper. The Maestro feature presents up to 10 arrangements for any specific soundtrack, and imported audio can be mixed with automated soundtracks. Contact: Sonic Desktop; Northridge, CA; (800) 454-1900;

Tandberg's Educational Partner Tools
Tandberg markets its Educational Partner Tools as authoring software that allows teachers and materials developers to create their own multimedia learning resources. Partner Tools is available in two versions: the Designer and the Browser. The Designer enables teachers to choose the best medium to convey their message-a still picture, video clip, or audio clip-and store the resulting materials in digital format. Using the Browser, students can navigate the multimedia experience via a linear sequence random access, but are not able to change the format. Contact: Tandberg Educational; Brewster, NY; (800) 367-1137;

Toolbook II Assistant 8
Using Assistant's intuitive drag and drop interface, educators can create multimedia e-learning content by just following three steps: point, click, and author. Assistant's catalog contains the authoring objects required to build interactive content-assessment objects, media players, navigation panels, and other interactive objects, many with predefined behavior that can be customized. Assistant's Book Specialist automates the task of creating the layout of e-learning content by prompting users for choices about how they want the content to appear and behave. Assistant provides support for the SCORM tracking standards, as well as AICC and LRN. It allows users to deliver e-learning content on the Internet or an intranet, a local area network (LAN), or on a CD-ROM. Assistant can automatically convert content to DHTML as well. Contact: Click2learn; Seattle, WA; (800) 448-6543;

Users can create high-quality, low-bandwidth videos in a format that d'esn't take up a lot of hard drive space with Sonic Foundry's VideoFactory 2. 0. The software allows users to animate text to scroll credits or focus on key points; fly in text in a number of ways; set the font size, color, angle, and timing, and apply drop shadows and glows. MP3 audio files can be used to enhance a video project, either through adding multiple MP3 files to the same project or crossfading them on the same track. The product includes a Getting Started CD with 29 interactive tutorials and a content CD containing hundreds of video clips and images, sound effects, music beds, and stingers. Users can record an audio track or narrate a video in real time during playback, as well as add images and pictures that have been scanned in, captured on screen, or received via e-mail. Contact: Sonic Foundry; Madison, WI; (608) 256-3133;

WebTemplates is a subscription service offering pre-made Web page templates. Subscribers can build, manage, and even upload their Web pages from their browser. Each template includes all art. Users do not have to learn HTML, and some templates even have pre-coded features like Javascript rollover buttons. Other features of the site include a collection of Web art (backgrounds, buttons, and lines), and several useful tools for Web developers, including a Web-safe color picker, Web tips and design links. Once the site has been built, users can download it to a single zip file or upload them to the ISP instantly. ISPs can also subscribe to WebTemplates in order to offer their own customers these page-building tools. Contact: WebTemplates.

Web Design 101
Macromedia's Web Design 101 is a package of tutorials and evaluation software for Web design classes, and is based on Director 7, Freehand 8, Flash 4, Fireworks 3, and Dreamweaver 3. It is a 30-hour complete short course on Web design for beginners. The tutorials themselves are free from Macromedia, but the CD-ROMs come with a printed instructor's guide and six lessons per product. Contact: Macromedia, San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;

Web Learning Studio
Macromedia's three-product bundle includes Authorware 5.2, Flash 5, and Dreamweaver 4, as well as "Getting Started with Online Learning" materials. Authorware enables users to incorporate rich media through direct support for Flash 5, QuickTime 4, and other common digital video and audio formats. Users can add content and then choose from eleven response types including buttons, hotspots, and hot objects. Flash allows users to create animations and include narration and soundtracks. Dreamweaver 4 provides an environment for authoring HTML and JavaScript through a visual approach, and enables users to create interactive Flash buttons. Contact: Macromedia; San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;

Learn how to create Web pages, write and edit HTML code, and tweak HTML code in WYSIWYG Web page editors with this four CD-ROM package from Savant Interactive. With more than 11 hours of instruction, including hundreds of sample files and demos for the software and shareware covered in the training, WebSavant begins with an introduction to the Internet and moves on to HTML, page design, image creation, animated GIFs, JavaScript, audio, video, and other topics. Users will learn to properly convert graphics to a Web format; write JavaScript to create mouse-over effects, image swapping, and form data validation; and customize CGI scripts to e-mail form data and perform searches on their sites. Advanced lessons cover frames, forms, PDFs, and an introduction to Flash. Contact: Savant Interactive; Lisle, IL; (866) 4SAVANT;

Artbeats' multimedia production tool and reference library contains more than 550 MB of data comprising more than 2,000 royalty-free movies, animations, bitmapped graphics, sounds, and Flash files. Web designers can get vector images and fast-downloading, fully animated buttons that can be imported into multimedia authoring programs. Most of the bitmapped images consist of more than one frame or state and can be used to create roll-over effects, while the multi-frame buttons can be used as animated gifs. The reasonable price includes an online manual and technical support. Contact: Artbeats; Myrtle Creek, OR; (541) 863-4429;

Desktop Computers

Apollo V94S
The Apollo V94S from Premio provides optimum performance with Intel Pentium III processors in the socket 370 interface, with 100MHz or 133 MHz front side bus. The system supports PC133 memory up to 1.5GB SDRAM. The full-sized midtower/ desktop offers highly expandable features for future upgrades. The Apollo V94S was designed to perform multimedia intense applications, using demanding graphics in multi-tasking environments.
Contact: PREMIO, City of Industry, CA; (800) 677-6477;

The Aquarius Workstation from TeraRecon applies 3D and post-processing capabilities to medical imaging, with real-time visualization for CT, MRI and other medical applications. In perspective volume rendering mode, the workstation can generate 3D reconstructions of the lumen blood vessels, airways, or organs, while a multi-planar reconstruction view is created alongside the actual 3D curve, applied either directly to the image or on a combination of orthogonal reformats. Other capabilities include volume measurement, slice review, body scanning, and cardiac CT. Training and after-sales support are included with all installations. Contact: TeraRecon, Inc., San Mateo, CA; (650) 372-1100;

Boxx Technologies
Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Linux, the 3DBOXX R1 from Boxx technologies series features 1.2 GHz, and 1.0GHz AMD Athlon MP processors and is optimized for leading 3D and animation software programs such as Maya, 3D Studio MAX, Softimage 3D, LightWave 3D, and Houdini. The AMD Athlon MP processors with Double Data Rate (DDR) memory are designed to provide increased performance in video encoding, audio, video, and image editing; 3D modeling and animation; and feature a micro-architecture that is optimized for high clock frequencies and a system bus that runs at 266 MHz. The workstations feature up to 4GB 266MHz DDR with 4 DIMM slots, 2 onboard 10/100Mbs Ethernet adapters, and 10 internal hard drive bays with optional hotswap hard drives. Contact: Boxx Technologies, Austin, TX; (877) 877-BOXX;

Dimension 8100
The 8100 features a Pentium 4 processor with up to 1.7 GHz of processing power. Along with a hard drive of 80GB and 1024 MB of RDRAM memory, this is Dell's leading edge product. Also available from Dell are the 4100 and Dimension L, both offering 512 MB of SDRAM and Intel Pentium III processors. Contact: Dell Computer, Corp., Round Rock, TX; (800) 274-7799;

e-pc s10
A compact PC with an ultra-small form factor, the HP e-pc s10 is available with either an Intel Pentium III or Celeron processor, up to both 256 MB SDRAM and 40 GB hard disk storage, and integrated Intel 3D Direct AGP. Additional features include a 3Com Fast Etherlink 10/100Base-TX integrated LAN solution and an HP 24X Max-speed slim CD-ROM drive. All operating systems include both Microsoft Windows '98 Second Edition and Windows 2000 Professional. Contact: Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, CA; 800-752-0900;

Evo, Compaq's new line of notebooks, workstations, desktops and thin clients, was developed specifically for users needing to consolidate their business computers. The Evo Notebook N400c is an ultra-thin portable designed to provide wireless connectivity through a modular concept called MultiPort, while the more affordable Evo Notebook N150 is a 2-spindle, thin design that allows for easy configuration and upgrades. Evo's legacy-free Thin Client T20 comes equipped with an embedded version of Windows NT, and a smaller form factor to enable full client management. Finally, Evo's new workstations, the W6000 and W8000, deliver industry-standard solutions and are designed for customer workspace and application requirements. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp.; Houston, TX; (800) AT-COMPAQ;

iMac DV
Available in several versions from 500-700 MHz, every Apple iMac features 256K of Level 2 cache running at processor speed, plenty of RAM (128MB on the 500MHz model and 256MB on the 600MHz and Special Edition models), ATI RAGE 128 Ultra graphics accelerators with 16MB SDRAM, built-in microphone, dual mini-headphone jacks, FireWire and USB. Also included are a 56K V.90 fax modem, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, and a slot for an AirPort Card. In the latest models, hard disk capacity has been greatly expanded (60GB in the Special Edition). Contact: Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA; (408) 974-0210;

InfoGOLD 2000
InfoGOLD 2000 features an Intel Pentium 800 MHz processor and 256 MB SDRAM. The system is DVD ready and includes diskette and CD-ROM drive. An integrated audio/sound blaster pro/speaker system and 3-D graphics are included. It operates on the Windows 98 operating system and includes a 17" monitor. Contact: InfoGOLD, Milpitas, CA; (800) 888-6615.

NetVista A60
The IBM NetVista A60 features processing speeds of up to 1.7 GHz, with an Intel Pentium 4 that enables users to receive broadband transmissions, create enhanced presentations, and conduct video conferences. System memory is expandable to 1.5GB for complex software and simultaneous applications, while an optional 15GB hard drive and choice of NVIDIA cards are also available. Contact: IBM Corporation, Armonk, NY; (888) SHOP-IBM;

OptiPlex GX50
The Dell OptiPlex GX50 includes the LegacySelect Technology Control feature, which will, among other functions, enable users to electronically activate and deactivate specific ports and media devices. Sealed Bay options are also available, with or without Floppy Disk or Optical Drive openings and on two SF chassis selections. The OptiPlex GX50 measures 3.6" x 12.5" x 13.9", and features 4 USB ports, 2 serial ports, and both a parallel and RJ45 network port. Contact: Dell, Austin, TX; (800) WWW-DELL;

NEC's Powermate ES SlimLine is a compact computer designed to fit into space-constrained environments. Features include an Intel Pentium III processor, 64MB or 108MB SDRAM, and either a CD-ROM or DVD drive. Each package also includes integrated 3Com 10/100 Ethernet capabilities, 2D/3D graphics, and 16-bit AC'97 audio, with either Windows 98 or Windows NT/2000 already installed. Contact: NEC Computers Inc., West Valley City, UT; (800) 632-4525;

Predator II
Premio's Predator II workstation features dual processor capability, and can support Intel Pentium III processors with speeds from 733MHz up to 1 GHz. It allows for customization of individual requirements and comes standard with a 20.4 GB hard drive, 128 MB PC133 memory, 32MB video card, 20/48X CD-ROM, Windows 2000 Professional, and a 17" monitor. Also included is Premio's customized PC Quick Fix software that can diagnose technical problems, and then enable desktops, workstations, and servers to undergo a self-healing reconstruction process. Contact: Premio Computer, Inc., City of Industry, CA; (800) 677-6477;

Professional V1000
The Gateway Professional V1000 enables users to customize their PCs with fully integrated technology upgrade packages. The system features Windows 98 Second Edition and Microsoft Office XP Small Business Edition, with an Intel Pentium III Processor, 128MB SDRAM, and a 20GB Ultra ATA hard drive. Also included is an EV700 17" monitor with integrated Intel 3D graphics and a CD-ROM. Contact: Gateway, San Diego, CA; (800) GATEWAY;

Profile All-in-One Desktop
The Gateway Profile All-in-One Desktops feature a sleek 15-inch LCD that is only 3 inches deep, integrated multimedia and communication tools, industry-standard manageability, and 64MB SDRAM. The Profile is designed to fit into a compact space while providing the ease of use of a desktop computer. Contact: Gateway 2000, North Sioux City, SD; (800) GATEWAY;

Sun Blade 100
Powered by a 500-MHz UltraSPARC-IIe, the Sun Blade 100 Workstation delivers up to 2GB of main memory and up to two 15GB, 7200-rpm internal disk drives. The Sun Blade comes with high-speed CD-ROM or DVD-ROM and floppy drives. USB and IEEE 1394 interfaces provide connectivity to a variety of peripherals. In addition to the standard 2D 24-bit Sun PGX64 graphics, buyers can purchase configurations with Sun Expert3D graphics and support for resolutions up to 1920 x 1080. Three industry-standard PCI Slots provide access to hundreds of expansion and networking options. Contact: Sun Microsystems, Menlo Park, CA; (800) 786-7638;

Toshiba Equium
The Toshiba Equium 7350 and 8000 series comprise a build-to-order system that includes a range of options for customizing a lower-priced desktop solution. Both are available with an Intel PentiumIII 1GHz processor with 20GB hard disk drive, 128MB SDRAM memory, CD/RW for unlimited storage, V.90/K56 modem, 3Com 10/100 Ethernet card, and speakers. The 7350 comes with Windows 98 Second Edition and the 8000 with Windows 2000. Contact: Toshiba, Irvine, CA; (800) TOSHIBA;

Veriton 5100
The Veriton 5100 desktop computer is Acer's entry into the education market. Shipped with either Intel Pentium III or Intel Celeron processors, the model also features 10/100 Ethernet, LAN Desk Client Manager, Acer CPR recovery CD, and diagnostic and anti-virus software. Contact: Acer America Corp., San Jose, CA; (800) 391-ACER;

Portable Computers and Handhelds

AlphaSmart 2000
The AlphaSmart 2000 is a portable keyboard or note taker compatible with any Macintosh or PC. It enables students to practice keyboarding and to write and store reports, essays, and notes without having to be at a computer. The device allows users to provide technology access to an entire classroom of thirty students for the price of two or three computers. The product includes a full-sized keyboard and four-line text display. It weighs two pounds and runs on three AA batteries for up to 300 hours of typical use. Contact: AlphaSmart, Cupertino, CA; (888) 274-0680;

DreamWriter T400-IR
The DreamWriter T400-IR is a full-featured word processor appropriate for use in the classroom or on field trips. The 2.2-pound compact computer has a memory for up to 100 text pages, displays 8 lines by 80 characters, holds 128 unique files, and features a calculator and world clock. The product is capable of direct printing. An optional infrared port is available for wireless printing and file transfer. Contact: NTS Computer Systems, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada; (800) 663-7163;

MobilePro 750C H/PC
The NEC MobilePro 790 is a hand-held computer small enough to fit into a briefcase or handbag. The 790 is an instant-on handheld PC with 32MB of memory, 16MB of flash memory and an 8.1" color touch screen. Weighing less than two pounds, the unit is only 1.1-inches thin. Ten programmable function keys are built into the keyboard. The 790 offers 24 to 32 MB of RAM and a 168MHz processor, and comes loaded with Windows software. Contact: NEC, Irving, TX; (888) 632-8701;

Palm VIIx Connected Organizer
The Palm VIIx provides many of the same features of Palm's earlier models, but with the addition of wireless access to the Internet. The product includes a date book, address book, mail, to-do list, memo pad, expense recorder, calculator, security, games, and HotSync technology for local and remote synchronization with the user's PC. An infrared port facilitates data/software sharing. The Palm VII offers 8MB RAM. Contact: Palm, Santa Clara, CA; (408) 878-9000;

PowerBook G4
Apple's PowerBook G4 weighs 5.3 pounds, and features a PowerPC G4 processor with speeds of up to 500 MHz. Other benefits include up to 30 gigabytes of hard disk space and 1 GB of RAM, ATI RAGE Mobility 128 graphics, FireWire, USB port, PC Card slot, and VGA and S-video output. The PowerBook G4 comes equipped with built-in 10/100BASE-T Ethernet for quick access to a corporate network, and either a DSL or cable modem. Users can connect up to 127 devices via the USB port, including digital cameras, graphics tablets, and Palm OS-based handheld devices. Contact: Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA; (800) MY-APPLE;

Presario Notebooks
Compaq's Presario series includes the 1800 line of fully loaded customizable or pre-configured portables. Each features a Pentium III processor, 10/100 Ethernet port, second generation DVD-ROM drive, and TV out capability, allowing users to connect the notebook to the TV to view DVD movies. The series is available with a 15-inch monitor with a total notebook weight of 7.8 pounds. Contact: Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, TX; (800) 99-TEACH;

Satellite 4600
The Toshiba Satellite 4600 offers a 900-1000 MHz Pentium III processor with wireless connectivity. The unit includes integrated Ethernet and 56K modem, 20 GB hard drive, 3.5-inch disk drive, and CD-ROM and DVD drives. The multimedia package includes a 15-inch diagonal active matrix color display and Trident XP graphics controller. The computer, which weighs 7.4 pounds, comes with Windows 98, Outlook, Internet Explorer, and other applications. Contact: Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc., Irvine, CA; (800) TOSHIBA;

Shuttle 7000
Tangent's top of the line notebook features an Intel mobile Pentium III or Celeron processor with speeds up to 850 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, a 14.1 or 15-inch display, and a docking station/port replicator option that allows users to add a second monitor if desired. The 15-inch unit weighs 7.2 pounds. Contact: Tangent, Burlingame, CA; (800) TANGENT;

Monitors and Displays

Advantage Electrol
This latest screen from Da-Lite was designed with the installer in mind. The extruded aluminum case is lightweight and the finished case edge has a clean look and allows easy installation of ceiling tiles around the case. Specially designed "C" channels on the top of the case allow mounting attachments anywhere along the case's length. It is available in a tensioned or non-tensioned version in a variety of fabrics. Contact: Da-Lite Screen, Warsaw, IN; (800) 622-3737;

Available in either a wall or desktop model, the AMD AXD CP-4 color touch panel features colorful menus and crisp icons. Laser-engraved, brightly back-lit buttons control the sources, lights, and volume. Each button can brighten individually, as well. The panel detects different degrees of light and regulates the brightness of the LCD accordingly. Contact: AMX Corp., Dallas, TX; (800) 222-0193;

Diamond Plus 200 Flat Screen
Mitsubishi's 22" flat screen monitor with a 20" viewable surface offers a maximum resolution of 1800 x 1440 at72 Hz. Mitsubishi technology significantly reduces external reflections and glare for easier viewing and decreased eye strain. Diamond Plus screens use a dispersed scandium oxide, sputtered tungsten coated cathode for long-life and increased brightness. Contact: Mitsubishi, Cypress, CA; (714) 220-2500;

DLP WN 5230-S
The Clarity Digital Light Processing 52-inch diagonal rear-projection display WN 5230-S, also called the "Tigress," features a one-chip engine that eliminates the need for convergence adjustment in production or during installation, while maintaining the same 8,000 hour lamp life and low power consumption as their two-chip model. Combined with Clarity's ColorEdge module, which provides enhanced color matching between displays, set up time will be significantly reduced. Contact: Clarity Visual Systems, Wilsonville, OR; (503) 570-0700;

LC-150M2U LCD Video Monitor
The Sharp LC-150M2U LCD Video Monitor is ergonomically designed to fit on the wall, table top or kiosk. This flat monitor is less than 3" thick and weighs only 7.9lbs. Energy efficient, it requires 44 percent less power than a standard CRT monitor, providing cost savings through reduced power usage. With multiple inputs, these screens are compatible not only with composite and S-Video, but with higher quality component outputs such as DVD players, video cameras, and future DTV decoders. The LC-150M2U features high brightness with long-life fluorescent backlight, 640x480 resolution and a flicker-free, full color (16.7 million) TFT active matrix LCD, a non-glare screen and wide viewing angle.
Contact: Sharp Electronics Corp., Mahwah, NJ; (201) 529-8731;

The NEC VR17 monitor offers on-screen controls, resolution up to 1280x768, a 0.27mm dot pitch, and anti-static, anti-glare coatings. Contact: NEC Technologies, Inc., Itasca, IL; (630) 467-5000;

Plasmavision 4203/4204 Series
The Fujitsu Plasmavision display accepts the latest video and computer graphics input, freeing the unit from a computer. The display gives a big 16-million-color screen image on a flat, focused panel less than six inches thick. Wide viewing format allows users to see equally well from any part of the room. Digital processing electronics automatically resize any input to give a clear image. Contact: Fujitsu, Fairfield, NJ; (888) 888-3424;

Princeton AF3.OHD Monitor
The Princeton AF3.OHD is the first direct view 16:9 aspect ratio monitor to display all HDTV formats while maintaining compatibility with today's current NTSC signal. Features include four preset aspect ratios and six preset memories for the most common DTV resolution formats. It has a horizontal scanning range up to 50 kHz and custom memory settings for black level, contrast, geometry, and masking. The high light output CRT allows it to be used in high ambient light conditions. Contact: Princeton Graphic Systems, Santa Ana, CA; (714) 751-8405;

SVG 6000 N/P
Samsung's SVP-6000 N/P high-end video presenter offers 1,500,000 pixels and d'es not need a computer to convert text or images to video. It features a built-in light box for 35mm slides and transparencies. The tilting head camera allows the user to rotate the head up to 90 degrees and the 12X power zoom function allows presentation of documents with type as small as 8 points. Built-in RS-232C and USB interfaces enable the unit to communicate to a remote control system or any Windows PC. Contact: Samsung Opto-Electronics America, Secaucus, NJ; (201) 902-0347;

Stratavision Video Display
Stratavision is based on a proprietary fiber-optic technology that delivers seamless, quality images at high resolution, even at screen sizes of up to 20 feet wide. The vertically flat viewing screen can be made convex for greater viewing angles or concave for a closer viewing experience. Stratavision can conform to architectural shapes such as columns and corners. It delivers true plug-and-play convenience without computer processing by accepting all standard video formats. Contact: American Shizuki Corp., Louisville, CO; (800) 742-1292.


Archos Portable Hard Drive
The 6 GB portable hard drive from Archos is available with a choice of interfaces, USB, PCMCIA, CardBus or FireWire. The product weighs only 6.5 ounces and is approximately the size of a deck of cards. Mirroring software allows users to copy files to and from a computer. Contact: Archos, Irvine, CA; (949) 453-1121;

Hot Keyboard
Hot Keyboard for Windows assigns to hot keys such repetitive tasks as frequently used text phrases or names, date/time stamps, and e-mail addressing, as well as application launches. Hot Keyboard can quickly change sound volumes and can open dial-up connections. User defined functions can be recorded and played back. The product also allows users to create macros one time, share, and synchronize them over LAN or WAN. Contact: TB Labs, Moscow, Russia;

Keyspan USB 2.0 Card
The Keyspan 2.0 Card enables users to add five high-speed USB ports to a PC or Mac, four external and one internal. The card supports USB 1.1 and the new 2.0 ports. The Keyspan card will support data rates up to 480 mbps. Contact: Keyspan, Richmond, CA; (510) 222-0131;

The Smartboard, from Datadesk Technologies, is an ergonomic keyboard specifically designed to reflect the natural fanning of the fingers while typing. The keyboard will fit any standard keyboard drawer and save desktop space, because it is 20% smaller than other ergonomic keyboards. Larger keys for hard-to-reach letters and tactile-response key switches make typing easier and more accurate. Contact: Datadesk, Bainbridge Island, WA; (206) 842-5480;

The wireless TurboMouse Profrom Kensington is the first wireless mouse compatible with OS X. The product includes six direct access buttons for fingertip access to favorite Web sites or applications. Stainless steel bearings and a large track ball give control and durability while the integrated scroll wheel allows users to move quickly through long documents. Contact: Kensington Technology Group, San Mateo, CA; (650) 572-2700;

Storage Devices

Quantum data protection solutions offer secure tape backup and storage. Quantum DLTtape Systems offer future expandability of performance, plus backward read compatibility with any investment in existing DLTtape IV media. There are DLTtape Systems appropriate for mid-range UNIX and Windows NT systems, for automated tape library systems, and for enterprise class storage and near-online accessibility. Contact: Quantum Corporation, Milpitas, CA; (408) 944-4000;


Visualize Series
The HP Visualize workgroup solution is built around a single dual-processor HP j5600 workstation that supports up to three HP visualize-fx10 3D graphics subsystems or three visualize fxe graphics cards. The workgroup drives seamless 4.8-million-pixel resolution displays that can be deployed right into the engineering workspace or on the engineer's desk. The Visualize workgroup makes it possible for engineers, designers and others to display more information at any one time, and see their work in a new way. Contact: Hewlett Packard; Palo Alto, CA; (650) 857-1501;

IntelliStation M Pro
The IBM IntelliStation M Pro is a flexible workstation that is optimized to the demands of engineers, media creators, software developers, and financial analysts. Features include a user-centric design, task-tuned 2D/3D graphics, and a flexible six slot mini-tower design. Additionally, this package comes equipped with either Pentium III processors at up to 1GHz or Pentium 4 processors at up to 1.7 GHz, and a choice of either an Intel 840 or 850 chipset. System performance is enhanced by an SCSI controller and disk and RAMBUS memory. Contact: IBM; Armonk, NY; (888) SHOP-IBM;

The Silicon Graphics Octane2 is a multimedia workstation is capable of interactive rendering of three-dimensional or volumetric data sets, featuring high-performance VPro Graphics and 128MB of configurable graphics memory. The combination supports faster drawing, display, and manipulation of large data sets-up to 1920x1200 pixels at 60Hz. Designed for high performance with big data, the Octane2 delivers a measured 448 million pixels per second with trilinear mipmapping and depth-buffering, and 18 million lit depth-buffered, smooth-shaded immediate mode triangles per second. The 12-bit per color component path achieves more levels of color to allow users to see subtle variations-extremely important in medical imaging and other fields of science and research. Contact: Silicon Graphics; Mountain View, CA; (800) 361-2621;

Quadro2 Pro
This full-featured board provides advanced 3D and 2D performance for the engineering professional. Features include a hardware antialiased line engine, a 6.4GB/sec bandwidth that enables work in fully textured mode while achieving real-time frame rates, and a 64MB unified frame buffer that supports high-resolution, 32bpp textures. With 1.0G pixels/sec and 31M triangles/sec geometry processing capabilities, the Quadro2 Pro can support just about any engineering design environment. The NVIDIA Shading Rasterizer (NSR) makes realistic material properties possible through per-pixel shading effects. Now with all NVIDIA second-generation GPUs high-quality, dynamic per-pixel shading is possible, and features such as per-pixel bump mapping can be utilized to a more dramatic visual effect. Contact: NVIDIA; Santa Clara, CA; (408) 615-2500;

Wired Access: Switches, Routers, Hubs, Etc.

AirConnect Wireless LAN
With AirConnect Wireless LAN, users can extend their wired Ethernet service to wireless users. AirConnect Wireless LAN plugs into the wired LAN and can send and receive information at speeds up to 11Mbps. Each access point supports up to 63 wireless notebook or desktop clients and provides 300 feet of wireless coverage in a standard office or classroom environment. AirConnect connects to an office network via a 10Base-T connection and installs on Windows 95/98/NT 4.x, and Windows CE. This access point features built-in diagnostics and power-up self-check, upgradable firmware, antenna diversity, and support for SNMP. Contact: 3Com, Santa Clara, CA; (800) 638-3266;

Allied Telesyn Rapier Switches
Allied Telesyn's Rapier family of Layer 3 IP switches leverages the company's AR-series router technology, combining silicon-based wire-speed switching with advanced LAN, MAN, and WAN routing features. The product line is designed to help smaller businesses and enterprises address networking needs in ways that were previously beyond their budget. Capabilities like the integrated Stateful Inspection firewall and SecureVPN provide network address translation and LAN/WAN isolation and deliver inter-VLAN protection for mission critical security applications at speeds of up to 75 Mbps per second. Contact: Allied Telesyn, Bothell, WA; (800) 424-4284;

AMCC Switches
Applied Microcircuits Corporation offers a variety of switches, including the S2090 3.2 gigabit cross point switch, appropriate for Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) systems, digital video, digital demultiplexing, and microwave or fiber-optic data distribution. Also available from AMCC are products for gigabit Ethernet networking and broadcast video. Contact: AMCC, San Diego, CA; (858) 450-9333;

Cisco Lightstream ATM Switches
The Cisco LS 1010 is a Layer-3 enhanced ATM switch that integrates wire-speed Layer 3 switching and ATM switching in to a single chassis, eliminating the need for network managers to make a technology choice. The 5-Mbps modular switch provides fault-tolerant operation and extremely fast throughput. Contact: Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA; (800) 553-6387;

Cygnet Technologies
Cygnet Technologies products serve the broadband needs of multi-dwelling and multi-tenant unit situations, including campuses and the small office/home office market. Cygnet products present an end-to-end solution for delivering high-demand, high-speed Internet access to people in high-density environments. Utilizing either VDSL or HomePNA 2.0 technology, the Sojourner Access Concentrators maximize the use of the legacy copper wire infrastructure to deliver the converging voice, video and data content. With the combination of the concentrators, remote units, and enterprise gigabit Ethernet switch, the company provides an end-to-end solution. A Web-based tool, the software allows easy porting of statistics through XML to common databases and spreadsheets. Contact: Cygnet Technologies, Lewisville, TX; (972) 242-0372;

Emulex LH5000
The LH5000 Fibre Channel hub features patented digital technology that enables unmatched loop resiliency and system availability. With intelligence on every port, the LH5000 provides port isolation, validates loop protocol, and fully re-times the signal. The LH5000 also provides a number of management capabilities, including Web-based management. The digital architecture of the LH5000 eliminates all signal jitter and provides automatic clock speed matching on every port. As a result, LH5000 hubs can be configured as a single 10 port loop or dual independent 5 port loops, allowing for flexibility in network design and cabling distances. Contact: Emulex, Costa Mesa, CA; (800) 854-7112;

IMC Networks
IMC Networks manufactures networking hardware, fiber optic connectivity, and bandwidth management solutions for LANs, WANs, and MANs. Among its many products, IMC offers gigabit Ethernet copper-to-fiber media converters. IMC's SNMP-manageable iMcV-Gigabit media converter converts 1000Base-T twisted pair signals to 1000Base-SX or 1000Base-LX fiber optics. It enables cost-effective utilization of the increased speed provided by Gigabit Ethernet and connects the LAN to the MAN/WAN when distances up to 40 kilometers are required. iMcV-Gigabit can also be used in conjunction with fiber-based Gigabit switches to connect the network to existing Category 5e copper-based switches, or to connect selected power users without having to pull fiber to the desktop. Contact: IMC Networks, Foothill Ranch, CA; (949) 465-3000;

MikroTik v2.3
MikroTik v2.0 Software Router System turns a standard PC computer into a network router. To expand the router's capabilities, add standard network PC interfaces. The software includes remote java box administration, bandwidth control, firewall, wireless 11Mb/s synchronous 5Mb/s, asynchronous PPP/RADIUS (up to 32 ports), LMC DS3 and E1/T1 support, and Ethernet at 10/100Mb/s. Contact: MikroTik, Riga, Latvia; +371-7-801-079;

Netgear DS500 Series Hubs
The DS500 series of dual-speed stackable hubs enable users to mix and match 10 and 100 Mbps PCs, servers, and peripherals on the same network. Every port automatically operates at the proper speed. Up to 8 of these hubs can be stacked to support 192 users at 10 or 100 Mbps. The 10-to-100 Mbps bridge automatically locates each user and filters or forwards traffic accordingly. The built-in LEDs provide clear and intuitive status. Two LED bar graphs give online status of network utilization and alert users to potential network overload. Contact: Netgear, Inc., Santa Clara, CA; (408) 907-8000;

Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router
The Netopia R9100 Ethernet Router allows small- and medium-sized organizations to connect a LAN to the Internet via the Ethernet port on a DSL or Cable modem. The Netopia R9100 includes an integrated 8-port Ethernet hub with an uplink port for connection to an external hub. No additional equipment is required to create a new network or expand an existing local network. Dial-in users can access the LAN from anywhere on the Internet using a secure, encrypted tunnel. The R9100 router is designed with a modular architecture to allow for future upgrades. Contact: Netopia, Inc., Alameda, CA; (510) 814-5100;

NTT Electronics
NTT Electronics, also called NEL, builds advanced electronic and photonic devices for information networks. NEL's optical switches employ Mach-Zehnder interferometers with thermo-optic phase shifters as switching units and include an 8 _ 8 optical matrix switch and an 8-arrayed 2 _ 2 optical switch. What this means is that these switches are smaller and use less power than mechanical switches or O/E-SW-EO switches, and they can be driven by +5V TTL-level voltage. All of this adds up to a switch with low loss and low crosstalk. Contact: NTT Electronics Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; (81) 3 5456 4161;

The CHESS-Narrowband (Channelizer Engine for SONET/SDH Narrowband) chip set provides high density grooming and aggregation to better utilize bandwidth in next generation SONET/SDH edge networks. The CHESS Narrowband chip set is designed for converged packet and voice infrastructure equipment such as Multi Service Provisioning Platforms and Voice Gateways. The CHESS-Narrowband complements PMC-Sierra's CHESS and CHESS-II chip sets by grooming sub-STS-1 (narrowband) voice and data channels prior to transport to the core of the Metro network. The various CHESS models offer 622 mbit/s to 20 gigabit capacity. Contact: PMC-Sierra, Durham, NC; (919) 474-5125;

The MaxGate UGate-3300 is an integrated Broadband Internet connection and printer sharing router for both 11Mbps Wireless and 10/100Mbps Ethernet LANs, allowing up to 253 users to setup up a network and share an Internet connection wirelessly. The single-port parallel print server also lets an entire office share one printer. Built in NAT firewall security keeps intruders out of the network. Contact: MaxGate, Fremont, CA; (800) 284-8985;

WebRamp 310i
WebRamp 310i is an integrated analog router, with a 4-port 10BaseT Ethernet hub and two internal 56K V.90 modems. It operates on Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/Workgroup 3.x, Mac OS 7.5.3 and above, UNIX, and NetWare. It has a single external IP address and has the capability of adding a third external modem if more bandwidth is needed. Contact: Nokia, (877) 997-9199;

Yipes Communications IP Over Fiber Networking
Yipes Communications uses the Ethernet and IP networking to link businesses and campuses to the Internet via high-speed optical fiber. Yipes sells bandwidth on demand. Users pay as they go only for what they use. Yipes connects directly to the end user, covering the "last mile" that carriers typically do not cover. Because Yipes operates via Ethernet, no translating hardware and software, and thus no hardware purchases, are required between its Gigabit routers and the customer. With Yipes' managed optical IP networks, customers can scale their bandwidth use up or down in one megabit increments up to one Gigabyte, with three hour's notice. Yipes products all feature unique IP over fiber networking. Yipes MAN (Metro Area) provides LAN-to-LAN connectivity to increase local area network connection speeds on demand. Yipes NET gives schools high speed Internet service within Yipes' metro network. Yipes WAN is suitable for connecting LANs situated in distant locations, and Yipes WALL is managed firewall service. Yipes also offers Yipes WEB, a collection of managed hosting options, and network design and implementation services. Contact: Yipes Communications, San Francisco, CA; (977) 740-6600;

Wireless Access: Optical Wireless

Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf's Wireless Campus enables higher education institutions to enhance campus communication with intelligent wireless interactions using personal digital assistants (PDAs), cell phones, handheld computers and two-way pagers. Blue Wolf's solution, relying on hand-held devices rather than laptop computers, leverages a campus's existing data from its back-end, course management, and portal systems. Customers can customize the look and feel of the wireless channel as well as its content. Contact: Blue Wolf, Tempe, AZ; (480) 940-7626;

Colubris Networks CN 1050 combines wireless security with its hardware-assisted VPN technology. The built-in VPN server creates a completely secure connection for each wireless station, and the onboard Hifn chipset maximizes throughput by handling all encryption tasks. For added flexibility, the CN1050 also includes support for 40/128-bit WEP encryption. CN 1050 also includes a firewall customizable for appropriate rules. CN 1050is appropriate for distance learning situations, in which satellite offices shares a single Internet connection via cable, DSL, or broadband wireless modem, using VPN technology to create a secure "tunnel" to a remote server. Colubris also provides seamless integration with legacy Ethernet LANs. Contact: Colubris, Lval, Quebec, Canada; (405) 680-5074;

The SONAbeam product line from fSONA offers point-to-point line-of-sight, full duplex synchronous transmission at fast speeds. The SONAbeam products can carry information at data rates up to 1.25 Gpbs over a propagation distance of 2.5 miles. Cheaper than laying optical fiber, this system, consisting of two transceivers and a backup microwave link, is deployable within 24 hours once line-of-sight access is available. For longer distance connections there is a dynamic beam-tracking and alignment system that can be installed in 30 minutes. For links across a mile or more or in areas where buildings may sway, fSONA's dynamic beam tracking system relies on a custom-designed frictionless gimbal that takes into account building movement and inclement weather. Contact: fSONA, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada; (877) Go-FSONA;

NextNet Wireless
NextNet Expedience is a non-line-of-sight broadband wireless access system designed for rapid deployment of high-speed, two-way voice and data services over the "last mile" of the communications network. The end-to-end system enables MMDS service providers to deliver low-cost, converged services to their residential and small business subscribers over a single multi-service network. The Expedience system features a fully-integrated indoor self-installable CPE unit (customer premises equipment) and a fully-integrated Base Station Transceiver. Contact: NextNet Wireless, Minneapolis, MN; (952) 967-1116;

RoamAbout Wireless Access
RoamAbout R2, from Enterasys Networks, is a customizable and expandable wireless platform. The RoamAbout R2 is designed to provide institutions with advanced networking features, an upgradable architecture, and support for multiple radio technologies. These features create a smooth technology migration, eliminating the need to upgrade an entire infrastructure or discard previously purchased PC radio cards. The RoamAbout PC card uses radio frequencies instead of a LAN connection, seamlessly switching access points as the user moves about the network. Contact: Enterasys Networks, Rochester, NH; (877) 641-7400;

Spike RF Technology
XI Spike wireless technology enables game players to enjoy RF wireless gaming without a loss in the game's performance. Features include a console that has been upgraded to XI SPIKE with QuadX transceivers that will support up to 8 players concurrently. Each XI SPIKE powered QuadX enables the console to communicate with 4 genuine XI SPIKE wireless controllers simultaneously. Up to 16 XI SPIKE control devices can be used in the same area for increased multiplayer action. In addition, XI Spike permits players to choose any weapon, whether that be a fishing rod or a sword. Cross-platform capability and dynamic bonding give the gamer more choices: no longer is the game player tied to particular transceivers and controllers, as all XI Spike products will bond with each other automatically. Contact: Spike RF Technology, (780) 425-6511;

Symbol 24
Symbol local area networking 24 is a wireless classroom solution that relies on handheld devices. The goal is to overcome insufficient or inconvenient data drops, provide students with ready access to technology tools, and simplify technology use for teachers. Administrators, teachers, and security personnel have instant access to student records. Symbol uses bar code laser scanning to facilitate the creation of a completely mobile and interactive classroom. Contact: Symbol Technologies, Holtsville, NY; (631) 738-5451;

ZoomAir wireless networking products feature standards-based IEEE 802.11b that insures compatibility with DSSS and country-specific channel support at 2.4 Ghz; a range of up to 300 ft indoors and 1000 ft outdoors; an11 Mbps data rate; Windows 95/98/NT/2000 drivers; WEP security (64-bit and 128-bit data encryption); and 32-character network ID security. AP11 Access Point Hardware connects a ZoomAir or other IEEE 802.11b DSSS compliant wireless network to an existing wired Ethernet LAN and extends the range of the wireless network. The solution extends the range of ad-hoc set-ups (using the full radius around a centered access point). The LAN to LAN Bridging Kit is a complete solution for establishing a permanent wireless link between LAN's in separate buildings or facilities within line of sight of each other; it is a money-saving alternative to leased lines or cabling between buildings. Contact: Zoom Telephonics, Boston, MA; (617) 423-1072;

Computer Networking Products and Other Tools

DeVA Systems Group
DeVA Systems Group offers a variety of services to small and large institutions. These include design and installation of wide area networks, firewall and other security installations, thin client/server audits, configurations, and support, and LAN/WAN analysis. Contact: DeVA Systems Group, Maynard, MA; (978) 461-2302;

Education Systems
Education Systems sells enrollment management and financial aid software for higher education clients. One of the latest products, EMAS Anywhere, is designed to provide access to important data using a personal digital assistant. Recruiters traveling to campus can use EMAS Anywhere to assign, send and track student communications; view and edit student data; track outreach to targeted populations; and maintain meeting and visit schedules. Contact: Education Systems, San Diego, CA; (888) 373-4357;

Electronic Classroom West
With EC West wire management, wiring can be routed through the table or table ranges via race- ways, tubular legs and wire chase grommets. the power system can readily connect to power and data sources in the floor, wall or power pole. EC West can install multi-circuit modular wiring directly into the furniture for ease and cost savings. Data power links and headphone/microphone links can also be installed into the front upper leg spreader, concealing the wiring and simplifying the process of connecting laptops and peripherals to the network and power source. Contact: Electronic Classroom West, Pismo Beach, CA; (805) 474-0823;

Internet Gateway Education
Internet Gateway Education is designed for schools, colleges, and university networks connecting to the Internet. The Education version contains the full Internet Gateway feature set, and also includes a one-year subscription to the CyberNOT content filtering list. Internet Gateway Education supports unlimited users connecting securely to the Internet using one account. Administration is simple with specific maintenance and control applications. Internet access and time controls can be set for individual students and teachers, or groups of users, making the Internet Gateway a comprehensive network management tool. Content filtering and a robust firewall permit an institution to provide easy Internet access while controlling the way that access is used. Management features include remote control access and comprehensive logging information. Contact: Vicomsoft, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, (44) 1202 2933233;

Minicom Advanced Systems
CLASSNET from Minicom puts every monitor, mouse, keyboard, and multimedia resource in the classroom at the instructor's control. With a few keystrokes instructors can project his or her screen to any or every student monitor, view any single student screens, scan all students' screen, send one student's screen to the entire class, take control of student keyboards and mice, share multimedia programs (including sound), or transmit files and messages to/from students. CLASSNET lets instructors demonstrate solutions directly onto students' screens. Contact: Minicom, New Jersey; (888) 486-2154; [email protected].

Campuses that need to network PCs and Macs together may want to turn to PC MACLAN, a connectivity solution that allows institutions to make the most of both platforms. With PC MACLAN, network users can utilize all existing AppleShare resources; create a seamless, peer-to-peer network of Windows PCs and Macs over a LAN, WAN, the Internet or remote dial-up; transfer files between PCs and Macs over IP or over AppleTalk; share printers by printing directly from a PC to AppleTalk or PostScript printers attached to the Mac network, or printing from a Mac to PostScript or to non-PostScript printers attached to a PC; and use a PCs as AppleShare (Mac) File Servers. Contact: Miramar Systems, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA; (805) 966-2432;

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