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News 09-11-2001

Transforming Teaching and Learning through Technology

Kathy Cristoph, Director of Academic Technology Solutions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will present a keynote address at Syllabus fall2001 in the Boston Area, November 30. Christoph's address, titled "Targeting the Transformation of Teaching and Learning through Technology," will focus on ways in which educators can analyze their situations and formulate strategies to target the transformation in teaching and learning at theirs institution. The address will consider questions such as: What are the driving factors behind technology-based changes in teaching and learning in higher education? How d'es institutional culture fit into the picture? Do we have the necessary resources?

Christoph's talk will be one of the many highlights of the Syllabus fall2001 conference, "Next Steps: Moving Forward with Campus IT." The conference, to be held November 29 through December 2, in Danvers, Mass., panel presentations, breakout and poster sessions, exhibits, workshops, and seminars. The conference will bring together leaders in education technology to examine the central themes and key technologies that have become increasingly important to diverse constituent groups in higher education as they move forward with strategic technology planning and innovation.

For complete conference information and online registration, visit

100 Most Wired Colleges

The October issue of Yahoo Internet Life magazine includes the fifth annual 100 Most Wired Colleges list. The rankings are based on infrastructure, student services, Web portal, e-learning, tech support and wireless access. The top ten most wired colleges are: (1) Carnegie Mellon, (2) Stanford, (3) Georgia Institute of Technology, (4) Dartmouth, (5) MIT, (6) Drexel Institute, (7) Indiana University, Bloomington, (8) University of Delaware, (9) University of Virginia, and tied for (10) the New Jersey Institute of Technology and SUNY-Buffalo.

CD-ROM Uses Innovative Approach

A $136,000 National Science Foundation Grant to Harvey Mudd College has resulted in the development of a new CD-ROM approach to teaching science. The CD is suitable for use in introductory biology, cell biology, genetics, and cancer biology courses, as well as in high school biology (especially AP biology). The CD-ROM uses goal-based learning and stem cell simulation to teach the biology of the cell cycle. "StemLab, an Environment for Learning," lets students set their own pace and make choices to learn about how cells divide, grow, and change. The students learn by way of a multimedia simulation, in which they apply stem cell research to create therapies for different medical problems. The CD uses hypertext links, similar to those on a web browser, to direct the student to text with pronunciation guide, more than 300 illustrations, and more than 90 animations. The CD-ROM is offered by the Mona Group at

WCET Conference

WCET (Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications) 13th Annual Conference takes place at the C'eur d'Alene Resort in Idaho on October 31 through November 3, 2001. The conference focuses on policy, practices, and services for e-learners in higher education. The program features in-depth sessions involving new state and federal policies, advances in services to students, new costing of technology methodologies, evolving accreditation and quality assurance issues, new e-learning projects in the U.S. and from other countries, and new institutional practices. Registration materials and the entire program can be found online at

PLUS Online Sweepstakes

PLUS Corporation, manufacturer and marketer of ultra-portable digital projectors, presentation, and communications products launched the online Road Warrior Presentation Package sweepstakes. To enter, visit, and fill out an online entry form. Entrants will have the chance to win one complete road-ready presentation solution that includes a PLUS U3 Series digital projector, ultra-portable pop-up projection screen, collapsible tripod, soft carry case, a complete set of connector cables, and wireless remote control. The winner of the $4,495 value presentation package will be selected on January 9, 2002. The promotion program will run through December 31, 2001.

Palm Introduces Mobile Mentor Software CDs

Palm has introduced the Palm Mobile Mentor software--three CDs of organization, productivity, learning, and teaching applications for educators, high school students, and college students. The CDs were unveiled during orientation at the University of South Dakota, whose 1,300 first-year undergraduate students and first-year medical and law school students received Palm m500 and m505 handhelds and the Mobile Mentor collegiate edition. The three editions--educator, student, and collegiateó-will begin shipping Sept. 25. Software applications include ImagiMath 1.02 combining a mathematics visualizer, a full-featured calculator, and a mathematical worksheet and equation solver; powerOne, a general calculator with functions such as statistics, trigonometry, a time/value of money worksheet to calculate loans and investments, and unit-conversion worksheets; Documents To Go, enabling users to create and edit Word and Excel documents, as well as view PowerPoint slides; and Palm Reader to enable users to download and view more than 2,000 e-books.

For more information, visit

Convert Print to Spoken Words

The recently released Scan and Read family of software scans any printed material and converts it to spoken words, delivered in a variety of voices through the computer's speaker. The software also displays the text on the screen and highlights each word as it's read, a helpful feature for readers of all ages, those with learning disabilities, and non-English peakers looking for a way to increase their vocabularies. The more advanced members of the software family include word processing capability; the ability to access Microsoft Word files and convert them to spoken words; automatic image rotation, which allows software to convert text regardless of how it's positioned on the scanner bed; and the ability to create MP3 files, which can then be downloaded to other devices.

For more information, visit

Online Presentation Resource

Presenters University is a free, online resource that provides easy-to-use information and tools for developing and delivering effective multimedia presentations. The award-winning Web site at offers presentation courses, instructional articles featuring technology tips and advice, online "Ask The Professor" discussion forums, and free,downloadable templates to create dynamic presentations. Designed for both novice and experienced presenters, Presenters University addresses all components for a successful presentation--content, delivery, and visuals. Launched in 1997, the site is sponsored by InFocus Corporation.

Technical Certification Programs Online

eWebUniversity, an e-learning software platform and content provider, in partnership with the Silicon Valley's San Jose State University international and extended studies department, has launched a new distance learning curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs of information technology (IT) professionals in the fast-growing Australian tech market. Beginning this month, IT professionals in Australia will be able to take advantage of a wide variety of technical certification programs offered by San Jose State University (SJSU) "anytime, anywhere" using eWebUniversity's e-learning platform.

For more information, visit

Scanner has Photographic Memory

Canon U.S.A., Inc. has begun shipping the Canon DR-5060F, its newest digital scanner with a built-in microfilm back-up system. The scanner can simultaneously record images to a PC and to obsolescence-proof microfilm, offering document management and a back-up system in one compact unit. The built-in, long-term archival recording enables image files to be accessible and readable years into the future, despite changes in storage technology.

For more information, visit the Canon U.S.A. Web Site at

Waterproof Inkjet Printing

PPG Industries is introducing a silica-based synthetic printing sheet that provides water resistance with standard dye-based inkjet technology. The Teslin IJ 1000 WP sheet is a single-layer synthetic sheet for waterproof aqueous dye-based inkjet printing, and is being marketed for consumer and commercial printing applications. Available in sheets and rolls, the PPG product is not a multi-layer sheet and can be printed on both sides.

For more information, visit

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