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Course Management and Delivery Tools, Web Course Resources, and Web Development Tools

Course Management and Delivery Tools

Anlon 4.0

Anlon 4.0 is an enterprise level, web-based course management software platform that enables academic institutions, professional associations, and corporations to develop, deliver, and manage courses over the Internet. Anlon 4.0's features include flexible course delivery that supports self-paced learning as well as instructor-facilitated courses, pre- and post-assessment tools, and a variety of communication options, including asynchronous and synchronous discussion, chat, and shared whiteboard tools. Anlon's encryption algorithms are designed to securely protect all user and instructor data. Contact: Anlon, Mankato, MN; (888) 866-4793;


Blackboard 5's e-Learning software platform includes a course management system, customizable institution-wide portals, online campus communities, and an advanced architecture allowing easy integration of multiple administrative applications. Blackboard 5 can be licensed at three different levels. Level One-Course Manager enables instructors to provide their students with course materials, discussion boards, virtual chat, online assessments, and a dedicated academic resource center on the Web. Level Two-Course and Portal Manager provides customizable institution-wide portals for faculty, students, staff, and alumni with access to more than 150 personalized news and information services from across the Web. The platform can be customized with institutional branding and a tailored look and feel. It facilitates campus online communities, Web-based email, calendar, announcements and tasks. It also allows for a central access point to all of an institution's online services. Level Three-Advance Course and Portal Manager is a complete end-to-end e-Learning solution. In addition to the Course and Portal Manager, Level Three provides advanced Java-based API's for unifying diverse online campus systems into one integrated platform, allowing for user-driven single log-in service delivery, as well as capabilities that allow each school, department or campus within the institution to maintain its own customized environment. Contact: Blackboard, Washington, D.C.; (202) 463-4860;

Connected Learning

Connected Learning's implementation of the Intralearn Learning Management System platform provides a fully integrated e-learning platform for institutions seeking a packaged solution for online instruction. The package includes such features as centralized control of the entire system, comprehensive system-wide reporting, e-commerce capabilities, and built-in course creation and testing. Course creation tools allow users to use pre-set wizards and templates, import courses created in authoring tools and saved in HTML, and edit content with Word, among other features. All of the product's features can be switched on or off. Contact: Connected Learning, Louisville, KY; (800) 569-6505;

Convene Izio

Convene's collaborative enterprise learning platform, IZIOPro is a completely outsourced technology platform with an intuitive user interface in a collaborative Web environment. IzioPro provides a hosted Web technology for blended learning solutions that allows quick migration from the classroom to the Web. Instructors can build their courses using IzioPro's collaboration, communication, and course management tools. Both real-time and asynchronous learning environments are possible using the Convene product. Contact: Convene, San Francisco, CA; (415) 782-0500;


eCollege offers three applications for teachers in distance education: eToolkit is a free application that provides introductory e-learning tools for on-campus instruction; eCompanion is a classroom-based tool that enhances content with Internet resources, Web-based field trips, online assignments, group collaboration, and practice tests; and eCourse is their distance learning solution. eCourse offers threaded discussion, chat, email, calendar, and an online journal, as well as Internet research tools and content solutions from various providers. Contact: eCollege, Denver, CO; (888) 884-7325;


Jenzabar course publishing tools use a Web-based interface. There is no software to install or download. Jenzabar offers instructors and students continuous, single-login access to all course information, course publishing tools, and a full service Web-portal, plus a personal calendar (optionally prepopulated with course information), online course management, easy customization of style and content for course pages, and easy upload/download of electronic syllabi, handouts, PDF files, and audio/video files. The password-protected system also features streamed discussion forums for online office hours, chat rooms for study and review courses, and a grade book. Contact: Jenzabar, Cambridge, MA; (617) 492-9099;

LearnLinc 5

LearnLinc 5 is an instructor-led, interactive virtual classroom featuring IP audioconferencing with multiple synchronized content choices and learning tools. LearnLinc features instructor/student floor control, class coordination, synchronized multimedia or Web-based courseware, application sharing, whiteboard, text chat, record/playback, and breakout groups. TestLinc offers comprehensive web based testing and assessment. In addition, LearnLinc maintains a selection of communication options, including audio conferencing, streaming video, and IP multicasting. LearnLinc is now owned by Mentergy. Contact: Mentergy, Salt Lake City, UT; (801) 537-7800; or

Lotus LearningSpace

The LearningSpace family consists of software and services for the creation and delivery of online training and education. LearningSpace provides native support for self-paced, collaborative, and virtual classroom learning. It lets instructors incorporate content from almost any source. And it provides comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. LearningSpace 5.0 provides a scalable solution with a new student interface, additional management tools, and more live virtual classroom features. Learners are able to work at their own pace on course material and to meet instructors and classmates online for a "live" virtual class at a specific time and date. Contact: Lotus Development Corp., Cambridge, MA; (800) 346-1305;

NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a software-based remote control training tool that allows instructors to show their screen to students in a classroom and view student screens. The instructor can monitor student work individually or as a class. Students request help and communicate with the instructor by selecting an open chat dialogue window. NetSupport School Pro adds the ability to distribute files to all student workstations, launch applications, and lock a student's keyboard and mouse. It requires no additional hardware and is easy to install on any Windows-based PC. Contact: NetSupport, Inc., Cumming, GA; (770) 205-4456;


Viviance New Education offers Thinktanx, an integrated Web-based authoring platform designed for the rapid development and deployment of educational content and material. Thinktanx is composed of a set of flexible tools that are suitable for most educational scenarios and includes modules for content creation, course management, and assessment and testing. Thinktanx consists of three core products: authoring software, concept management tools, and learner management options. Contact: Viviance New Education, St. Gallen, Switzerland, (41) 71 222 00 10.

Trellix Web Express

Trellix Web Express is a personal Web-site building tool designed to build and manage multi-page Web sites through a browser. This is a browser-based application that community and portal sites license to provide to their members, who will then manage their sites through a browser. Trellix Web Express features Web hosting, private label branding, extra features to enable interactivity, and management of entire sites. Features include click-in-context editing, site wizards, a powerful rich text editor, and automatic page linking, Users do not have to know HTML or graphic design to use the product effectively. Contact: Trellix, Waltham, MA; (781) 788-9400;

Web Course Resources


CollegisEduprise, a new company formed from the merger of Collegis and Eduprise, designs, develops, and deploys a comprehensive array of services from instructional technology to enterprise resource planning. Rather than building tools themselves, the team at CollegisEduprise works with third-party vendors to build an appropriate set of services and applications for each campus. Contact: CollegisEduprise, Maitland, FL; (800) 800-1874;


Education-to-Go offers an easy, cost-effective entry into online education. By providing pre-packaged instructor-facilitated online courses, Education-to-Go allows institutions to bypass development costs and get into distance education instantly. Currently offered are dozens of courses in computer skills, personal enrichment, nursing, financial planning, and other topics. All courses are offered in asynchronous, collaborative learning environments. Contact: Education-to-Go, Temecula, CA; (909) 506-6647;


Offering a complete turnkey solution for creating a virtual campus, Embanet e-learning solutions are tailored from a suite of tools to fit the institution's unique needs. Each solution includes course conversion, 24/7 tech support, course development tools, instructional design, hosting, and online instructor training. Features include fully-integrated email; audio, video, and text chat rooms; real-time group collaboration; threaded discussion areas; student progress tracking; student home pages; customizable design and layout; collaborative and private work areas; collaborative white boards; asynchronous and synchronous communication, and more. Contact: Embanet, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; (416) 494-6622;

eWebUniversity and eWebClassroom

eWebClassroom is a virtual classroom software platform that enables any teacher or instructor to create an online learning environment without having any sort of background in HTML. Instructors can author high-quality, interactive online course content in any discipline using the tools provided in eWebClassroom. Modular platform design allows colleges and universities to implement and brand virtual campus features as their own, including a customized front-end portal, online registration and payment processing. A complete interactive campus can be deployed within 90 days. eWebUniversity's platform and content offerings can be implemented quickly and seamlessly on a stand-alone basis, or within legacy systems. What's more, eWeb University's entire suite of products is handheld computer-compatible and works smoothly on even low bandwidth Internet connections. Contact: eWebUniversity, San Jose, CA; (408) 441-2730;

FirstClass 6

Centrinity's FirstClass communications platform works on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, UNIX, and handheld computer). In addition, it provides users with a seamlessly integrated and secure environment with public discussion areas, shared workspaces, private mailboxes, individual and group calendars, as well as knowledge management and publishing capabilities. Organizations can exchange and share resources in real-time and asynchronous forums (chats and conferences). Combined with FirstClass Unified Communications technology, users now have the ability to access all of their voice and text messages from one unified mailbox instead of relying on a number of traditional repositories for mission-critical information. Users also now have the power to access and transfer information from a central collaborative digital store, because FirstClass Unified Communications provides a single network-based access point from which users can manage all of their information and messages using any number and variety of access devices (PC, Web user interface, phone, handheld, etc.) regardless of connection path (LAN, Internet, telephone) or operating system (Windows, Mac, UNIX, handheld).FirstClass Unified Communications features a single message store on a single server and is based on an open, standards-based architecture. It is designed to scale to several millions of users. The latest version offers several new enhancements and features to users including advanced customization abilities, a newly designed web user interface and security upgrades. Contact: Centrinity, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada; (905) 762-6000;

Horizon Live 2.0

Horizon Live 2.0 is a system for live presentations, whether that be for online lecture or collaboration. Features include integrated chat, instant polling, live streaming audio and video, a whiteboard for both instructor and student use, application screening, and a One-Click Archive that records live sessions for on-demand review. Horizon Live is accessible on any standard Web browser and runs on Mac, UNIX, or Windows platforms. Contact: Horizon Live, New York, NY; (212) 533-1775;


IntraLearn is a comprehensive learning management tool for providing online learning. Highly scalable and secure, the shrink-wrapped IntraLearn SME can be easily installed and configured in just a few hours and deployed in just a few days. Courses may be created directly inside IntraLearn or imported from industry leading third-party suppliers. IntraLearn SME offers a complete, end-to-end integrated online learning system. IntraLearn SME is e-commerce enabled with remote registration, content delivery, learner profiles, multimedia, exams and assessments. Reports on learner progress and skill attainment are automatically generated. Interactivity and collaboration are built-in with chat, threaded discussions, email, white boards, Internet links, and teams. Contact: IntraLearn, Northboro, MA; (508) 393-2277;

Jones Knowledge e-Education

The Jones e-education platform is a fully-hosted turnkey solution for distance learning. It provides a scalable open architecture, giving instructors the freedom to fashion their own instructional design framework. Content can be added or drawn from Jones Knowledge's content collection. New to the platform is an enhancement called Rapid Course Development Templates, which offer an optional approach to loading online courses through customizable templates. RCDT course templates were developed for the most commonly used word processors and employ a "fill-in-the-blank" approach to instructional design, with descriptions and suggestions. They permit a simple cut-and-paste method of transferring material from existing course and training documents/presentations. While users are not obligated to use the templates, they do provide a quick and easy solution for harried instructors. Only the most basic word processor skills are required to create a course in Jones e-education. Features include asynchronous threaded discussion, chat, whiteboard, and collaborative spaces. Contact: Jones Knowledge, Englewood, CO; (800) 453-5663; is an online syllabus builder and course enhancement tool that is hosted and developed by Course Technology, a Thomson Learning company. provides new content that corresponds with the course textbook for learning reinforcement. Instructors can use to customize the online material for the course, or directs students to where they can enter the ISBN of the text and start learning from a pre-assembled course. MyCourse content includes objectives, topic review, case projects for each chapter, practice tests, and related web links. With instructors can build a syllabus, post class announcements, merge material from more than one text, and add custom material. Contact: Course Technology, Boston, MA; (617) 757-7900;

TopClass 5

TopClass 5, a course development system from WBT Systems, is based on a reusable Learning Object architecture and designed to support the rapid migration, delivery and tracking of learning content. Course content is stored in a Learning Object library for scalable course management and easy editing, making it easy to assemble, reuse, and update courses. Using its testing and assessment engine, TopClass creates personalized learning paths for each learner on the fly. Learners and instructors collaborate through built-in discussion groups, class announcements, and internal or external email. Contact: WBT Systems, Waltham, MA; (877) TOP-CLASS;


VCampus is an application service provider that develops, manages and hosts turnkey Web-based learning environments for corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies. VCampus offers a full delivery platform, customized for each organization's unique brand, a student registration and tracking system, pre-testing, dynamic assessment, and complete reporting. VCampus's services include courseware design, professional education, business skills management training, and technical skills training. Contact: VCampus, Reston, VA; (800) 915-9298;


Web-4M is a customizable multi-platform collaboration and groupware solution. Features include audio conferencing, multimedia chat facilities, instant messaging, interactive slide shows, phone, news, email, calendar, and shared documents. Web-4M is securely accessible via a common web browser. Web-4M transforms traditional chat rooms into multimedia forums for collaboration that are integrated with mail, news, Web documents, and a distributed file system. Operating over intranets or the Internet, Web-4M features browser accessible local and global communication. Web-4M eliminates software distribution, provides platform independence, and reduces administration. Contact: JDH Technologies, Newport News, VA; (757) 873-4747;

WebCT Campus Edition 3.6

WebCT's Campus Edition course development, delivery, and management tool has been designed especially for those institutions that wish to efficiently scale their online learning programs and/or integrate their course tools platform with campus-wide portals and student information systems. To enable efficient scaling, the product license allows for multiple servers and includes additional systems administration support. Version 3.6 of Campus Edition includes a new global calendar function, ability to download material to a Palm handheld device, and enhanced accessibility tools to better comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact: WebCT, Peabody, MA; (978) 538-0036;


XanEdu offers powerful new course resources online, in print, or in combination. Digital XanEdu CoursePacks offer deep content, easy-to-use tools, and on-demand access to already copyright-cleared materials. The impressive volume and scope of resources available through XanEdu has been made possible through an exclusive content distribution agreement with its parent company, ProQuest Information and Learning. Distinctive XanEdu collections encompass primary sources from the 15th century to up-to-the-minute information. The XanEdu product family also offers research tools for both students and faculty, including XanEdu ReSearch Engine, MBA ReSearch Engine, and the new Education ReSearch Engine. XanEdu;Ann Arbor, MI; (800) 218-5971;

Web Development Tools

Artbeats Stock Footage

Artbeats' multimedia production tool and reference library contains more than 550 MB of data comprising more than 2,000 movies, animations, bitmapped graphics, sounds, and Flash files. Web designers can get vector images and fast-downloading, fully animated buttons that can be imported into multimedia authoring programs. Most of the bitmapped images consist of more than one frame or state and can be used to create roll-over effects, while the multi-frame buttons can be used as animated gifts. The reasonable price includes an online manual and technical support. Contact: Artbeats; Myrtle Creek, OR; (541) 863-4429;

JafSoft AscToHTM 4.0

AscToHTM converts text files to HTML. It recognizes headings, bullets, lists, indentation, URLs, tables, ASCII art and more. The resulting HTML document faithfully reflects the structure of the original document. The program turns URLs into hyperlinks and adds color to the pages. It can generate a hyperlinked contents list from headings, split large files into linked pages, and place the HTML into a set of frames. Version 4.0 supports frame generation and allows user-supplied HTML fragments to be used along with the program's HTML. Contact: JafSoft, Cheshire, United Kingdom; 44 (161) 718 0211;

Mediator 6 Pro

MatchWare's Mediator 6 Pro, available for PC's only, offers simple drag and drop components that enable users to combine graphics, sound, text, video, and animations one page at a time. Mediator's three basic components-the toolbox, events dialog, and page list-form an easy-to-learn foundation for a rich array of features. The software includes over 200 special effects that users can apply to any action, including reveals, zooms, fades, and scrolling. The Events window previews every effect, allowing users to try out an effect before selecting it. The user can also send a copy of the design in-progress to others, via email, CR-ROM, or other methods, for collaborative development. Contact: MatchWare, Irvine, CA; (949) 727-0450;

Educational Partner Tools

Tandberg's Educational Partner Tools is authoring software that allows teachers and materials developers to create their own multimedia learning resources. Partner Tools is available in two versions: the Designer and the Browser. The Designer enables teachers to choose the best medium to convey their message - a still picture, video clip, or audio clip - and store the resulting materials in digital format. Using the Browser, students can navigate the multimedia experience via a linear sequence random access, but are not able to change the format. Contact: Tandberg Educational; Brewster, NY; (800) 367-1137;

Eye Candy 4000

This graphics plug-in from Alien Skin Software offers users 23 special effects filters including wood, fire, and marble for backgrounds, images, or text. The Drip filter-complete with 3D-like drops-turns text and images into dripping paintings, while the Melt filter allows users to stretch and distort using realistic melting effects. Hundreds of presets create effects instantly, but tools such as the Bevel Profile Editor and Color Gradient Editor allow users complete control over shape and color. Users can switch from one filter to another in the large preview window and can see effects with all layers visible. Real-world parameters create resolution-independent images that will look the same when printed at 72 dpi or put onto a Web site at 300 dpi or higher. Contact: Alien Skin Software; Raleigh, NC; (888) 921-7546;


This Adobe software features WYSIWYG page layout with one-pixel accuracy-the layout grid lets users place elements anywhere on the page, and they will display that way in a Web browser. Users can manage a Web site with a tool that provides a graphical map of each page, showing pages that are linked to it and including a list of graphics and other media, links, and e-mail addresses that appear in the page. Users can also update an entire site at once if they change a filename, URL, or e-mail address. While working on a Web page or a site in GoLive, users can easily preview it as it would appear in different browsers on different platforms. In addition to the source and layout views common to many WYSIWYG Web page editors, GoLive has a useful HTML outline view that allows users to instantly see connections between related tags. Contact: Adobe Systems; San Jose, CA;


LiveMotion makes it easy to animate images for the Web and to import Photoshop and Illlustrator files. The animation timeline in LiveMotion is object-based so that each part of an image can be animated separately, even if the parts are on the same layer. Animations can be exported as GIFs or SWFs. LiveMotion also lets users create and save styles for rollovers, making it easy to create a set of similar buttons without having to repeat tedious steps. Note that both GoLive and LiveMotion are offered along with Photoshop and Illustrator in the Adobe Web Collection. Contact: Adobe Systems; San Jose, CA;

Quest 6.0

A reusable and extensible object-oriented architecture lets the Quest 6.0 enhance the development of interactive training and education applications. A WYSIWYG development environment ensure that users have the tools they need for success. Features include FastTracks, multiple libraries of pre-built screen layouts, buttons, and interactions. QuestNet+, a 16-bit version for both novice and expert developers, offers interactive training via CD-ROM, the Internet, an intranet, LAN, or a hybrid mix of delivery vehicles. Users need a 32-bit operating system-Windows 95 or higher or Windows NT-to take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities. Contact: Mentergy, Salt Lake City, UT; (801) 537-7800;

ReadyGo 2.0

ReadyGo is an easy-to-use authoring tool for creating courses for online delivery or computer-based training. Most users find themselves creating their first course in a matter of minutes. ReadyGo will import audio and video files and converts PowerPoint shows easily. ReadyGo courses are HTML based and need no special plug-ins. Learning Quest Technologies will also host the course on its own server, if desired. Version 2 is now available. Contact: Learning Quest Technologies, Orem, UT; (801) 916-7433;

SmartSound's Sonicfire Pro

Sonicfire's new video import capability allows users to bring videos into SmartSound, with or without the audio track, and score them automatically. Users can bring in any DV, AVI, MPEG or Quicktime file and, with a click of a button, create a compelling accurately timed soundtrack. In addition, users don't have to leave SmartSound to see exactly how the soundtrack works with the picture; Sonicfire allows users to preview soundtrack while watching the video play, make changes and adjustments, and immediately see the impact. In addition, the soundtrack can be adjusted in real time, while the video plays. New audio tools in the latest version allow users to edit their own music. Support for DV audio now lets users transfer files with no intermediate steps. The product is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Contact: Sonic Desktop; Northridge, CA; (800) 454-1900;

Toolbook II Assistant 8

ToolBook Assistant is a complete desktop-based content authoring system that allows people with varying levels of authoring skills to create and distribute e-Learning content without programming. Using Toolbook Assistant's drag and drop interface and assessment objects, media players, navigation panels, and other interactive objects, developers are able to create content that complies with learning standards including AICC, IMS, Microsoft's LRN, and the SCORM standard. Users can import PowerPoint and Flash files. Also included is an upgraded suite of interactive e-Learning features and tools to automatically export course scores, student information, and data to corporate databases such as SQL Server or Oracle. Contact: Click2learn; Bellevue, WA; (800) 448-6543;

VideoFactory 2.0

Users can capture and edit high-quality, low-bandwidth videos in a format that d'esn't take up a lot of hard drive space with Sonic Foundry's VideoFactory. The software allows users to animate text to scroll credits or focus on key points; fly in text in a number of ways; and set the font size, color, angle, and timing, and apply drop shadows and glows. MP3 audio files can be used to enhance a video project, either through adding multiple MP3 files to the same project or crossfading them on the same track. The product includes a start-up tutorial and a content CD containing hundreds of video clips and images, sound effects, music beds, and stingers. Users can record an audio track or narrate a video in real time during playback, as well as add images and pictures that have been scanned in, captured on screen, or received via e-mail. Contact: Sonic Foundry; Madison, WI; (608) 256-3133;

eLearning Studio

Macromedia's three-product bundle includes Authorware 6 for rich-media authoring, Flash 5, and Dreamweaver 4 for design and production, as well as a guide called "Getting Started with Online Learning." By purchasing the products as a studio kit, users get the tools they need to address any learning application requirement, from simple text-and-graphic tutorials delivered over the Web to sophisticated simulations incorporating rich media and data tracking. The bundle saves hundreds of dollars over purchasing the products separately. Contact: Macromedia; San Francisco, CA; (415) 252-2000;


Learn how to create Web pages, write and edit HTML code, and tweak HTML code in WYSIWYG Web page editors with this four CD-ROM package from Savant Interactive. With more than 11 hours of instruction, including hundreds of sample files and demos for the software and shareware covered in the training, webSavant begins with an introduction to the Internet and moves on to HTML, page design, image creation, animated GIFs, JavaScript, audio, video, and other topics. Users will learn to properly convert graphics to a Web format; write JavaScript to create mouse-over effects, image swapping, and form data validation; and customize CGI scripts to e-mail form data and perform searches on their sites. Advanced lessons cover frames, forms, PDFs, and an introduction to Flash. Contact: Savant Interactive; Lisle, IL; (866) 4SAVANT;

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