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News 08-13-2002

Sponsor: Improve the Performance of Your Campus Network

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Computerized Medical School Test Examined

The Association of American Medical Colleges is trying out a computer-based testing (CBT) format for its renowned Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). The computerized exam will be delivered in London, England this Saturday, August 17, 2002 at the same time the traditional paper and pencil-based version of the exam is being administered around the world. "Widespread CBT availability holds the promise of greater flexibility in test scheduling, a shorter testing day, and faster reporting of scores," said Ellen Julian, assistant vice president and director, MCAT. The AAMC picked Prometric, a specialist in CBT and assessment services, to deliver this mini-pilot. Official MCAT Scores for the students taking the CBT version of the exam are expected to be mailed in 30 days, as opposed to the traditional 60 days with the paper and pencil versions.

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Sponsor: Plan Now to Present at Syllabus fall2002

Share your expertise with education technology's leaders when you present at the Syllabus fall2002 conference, November 3-5. At this, Syllabus' 4th annual autumn visit to the Boston area, faculty, administrators and IT professionals will gather at the Boston Marriott Newton Hotel to explore the latest applications of information technology in higher education institutions. Compelling technology topics presented in a collegial atmosphere is the hallmark of Syllabus' Boston conferences. Be there to set the tone with your presentation. Proposals to present at the main conference or to lead a full- or half-day seminar during the pre-conference are due by August 15.

Submission guidelines, content areas and complete details can be found online at

SMU Seeds Texas High School Tech Studies

The Infinity Project, a program sponsored by the Southern Methodist University School of Engineering and Texas Instruments to introduce engineering into the high school curriculum, is now accepting grant applications from public high schools in Texas to offer financial assistance to start the program. The program is funded by the office of Texas Gov. Rick Perry and administered by The Institute for Engineering Education at SMU. The Infinity Project is among the first in the country to help school districts incorporate state-of-the-art engineering and advanced technology into standard high school curricula. It is designed to help students understand the relevance of engineering, science and math, and spur interest in pursuing engineering degrees in college. "Our goal is to bring engineering to every high school in Texas," said Geoffrey Orsak, director of the project.

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Abilene Internet2 Debuts Next Generation Service

The nationwide Abilene Internet2 backbone network now offers native next generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) service. The deployment makes high-performance IPv6 service available to over 200 Internet2 member institu tions and other research and education institutions across the United States. The deployment in Abilene also marks the first large scale deployment in the United States of native IPv6 on Cisco System's 12000 series routers. Abilene's native IPv6 service complements existing IPv6 deployment in other research and education networks around the world, such as ESnet in the United States, Renater in France, and SURFnet in the Netherlands.

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Chat U. Will Host Your Recruitment Open House

Tapping into youth mania for chat, electronic and otherwise, several schools have become clients of Chat University, a Web-based chat room service lets college admissions offices invite high school students into online open houses through links from the colleges' Web sites. Chat U. builds the online open houses, helps schools plan and promote the chats, and provides live technical support for the schools and the participants. No other IT support is needed, leaving the schools responsible just for scheduling the events, inviting the participants, and chatting. According to American University, students have even filled out online applications during the chat open houses. "It's been a wonderful addition to our recruitment practices," said AU assistant director of admissions Daniel Creasy, who added that about three-quarters of students who attend its chats subsequently apply for admission.

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Awards, Deals, Contracts, in Higher Education

-- Third generation (3G) wireless communication service chip maker Mobilepro Corp. signed an agreement with the RF Micr'electronics Lab (RFIC) at the Information and Communications University in South Korea to co-develop a new semiconductor chip. Under the deal, joint engineering teams will devote research and design expertise, staffing, and facilities to develop a radio frequency chipset that supports the W-CDMA standard. It is a required component in consumer handsets and base stations managed by mobile operators to support 3G wireless services.

-- Arizona State University said it has standardized on the Brio Performance Suite for campus-wide business data analysis. The software will help ASU tap a data warehouse to access and report on research, student, financial, facilities, and other operational data. It will produce customized reports from data, from quick tactical reports on line-item spending to allocating resources for students.

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