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News 08-16-2002

College Students Turn Away From Dotcoms

Internet-related business is no longer the most preferred industry for a job after college, according to survey of 6,000 undergraduate students at 56 universities across the United States. Instead, students are casting toward the media and entertainment industry, says the survey, done by Universum Communications, Inc., a market research firm. The single most desirable company to work for? PricewaterhouseCoopers. PWC has launched a marketing campaign geared to the 22- and-under-audience, including a recruiting website and print ads in 40 college newspapers. Undergraduates' most commonly cited career goal was working internationally. They also are interested in inspecting future workplaces, therefore internships are popular.

Sponsor: Syllabus fall2002 in Boston November 3-5

In its fourth year in the Boston area, Syllabus fall2002, a conference for faculty, administrators and IT professionals who want to explore the application of information technology in higher education institutions will be held November 3-5 at the Boston Marriott Newton Hotel in Newton, Mass. Highlights include keynote speakers, breakout sessions and featured track sessions and a vendor fair. Syllabus fall2002 will provide you with new insights into cutting edge technology and pedagogy, as well as ample opportunity for networking.

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DePaul Develops Sign Language Translator

A team of faculty and students at DePaul University's School of Computer Science has created a computer-generated synthetic interpreter capable of translating spoken English into American Sign Language (ASL). The program, dubbed "Paula," uses speech recognition and sophisticated animation. Using the system, a hearing person speaks through a headset connected to the computer. The animated figure of Paula then translates intoASL through hand gestures and facial expressions on the computer screen. The project required four years and more than 25,000 hours worth of work by the project team. "Most people are not aware that ASL is not simply a signed form of English," said Rosalee Wolfe, professor of computer science at DePaul and one of the leaders of the research team. "It is a series of hand configurations, hand positions, body positions and movement and facial expressions that are used in certain specific combinations. Hence, creating an animated translator is a very intricate and detailed process."

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Teachers, Robots Meet at Middlesex College

Tim Oates, a researcher in robotic technology, will demonstrate how to teach robots to talk at Middlesex County College next week. Oats is part of the "Building for Tomorrow" Institute, a week-long program begun by the College to "to ignite enthusiasm in high school students by demonstrating real-world applications for science, mathematics, engineering and technology to their teachers," said Robert Sicora, director of the New Jersey Center for Advanced Technological Education (NJCATE) at Middlesex. "The idea is that if teachers get excited about technology, so will their students." At the Institute, teachers will learn about student competitions that are held throughout the country, such as the F.I.R.S.T. robotics competition, Botball and RoboRocks! held at Middlesex. "We expect that they will emerge from the institute motivated and prepared to organize their own teams," Sicora added.

For more information, contact: Bob Sicora or Karen Ford at (732) 906-4178,

Intergraph Seeds GIS, Mapping Research

Intergraph has launched a program to provide technology and development support in the geosciences for non-commercial applied research teams. The geospatial tech firm's Registered Research Lab program will support researchers working in geospatial information management (GIM), land information management (LIM), and map production. Qualified programs will be granted Integraph GeoMedia license providing GeoMedia license that provides access to the gamut of GeoMedia applications, including GeoMedia Professional, GeoMedia WebMap Professional, GeoMedia Terrain, and Spatial Metadata Management System (SMMS). Universities and non-commercial labs are invited to submit proposals for the GeoMedia Registered Research Lab Program. Those labs chosen will be required to submit a minimum of two research papers per year.

For more information, visit

Awards, Deals, Contracts, in Higher Education

-- Indiana University signed a multi-year agreement to run Symantec's antivirus applications from Symantec Corp. on the desktops used by 30,000 students, faculty and staff members. The agreement also calls for IU to use PC management tool Symantec Ghost to streamline the configuration of networked workstations and reduce IT costs.

-- Harvard University's Graduate School of Design a signed an agreement that will give it access to 3D design software from PTC Inc. The deal provides the design program PTC's Pro/Desktop and Pro/Engineer 3D design software, teacher training and instructional materials.

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