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News 01-17-2003

Sponsor: In order for this college to compete, CleverPath(TM) Portal became the answer.

Bryant College (Rhode Island) finds the use of Computer Associates International, Inc.'s CleverPath(TM)Portal delivers personalized, accessible information that is easily installed and compatible with existing software. Digital assets, curricula, library materials and other content are now more easily available to students, faculty and outside users, including potential employers and business customers. Visit to read more. Register and win a Palm Pilot... FREE!!! Go to and become eligible for our Higher Education Palm Pilot promotion.

Stanford Business School Joins Exec Ed Program

Stanford University's Graduate School of Business said it would collaborate with high-tech industry association AeA to expand its offering of high-tech executive education programs. AeA and Stanford's School of Engineering have partnered on a two-week education program for technology executives through the AeA/Stanford Executive Institute for the past 28 years. The addition of the business school to the partnership is expected to result in a new catalog of educational events and services. The curriculum of the Executive Institute is designed to give senior-level management industry-specific management and leadership skills.

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Syllabus Radio: Log on and Listen!

Sponsor: Ensuring Accessible Web Pages to Enhance Learning

This week's interview features Margaret M. Thombs, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Roger Williams University, who discusses Web page accessibility, guidelines for design, suggested tools to use, and advice for educators as they prepare their Web-enhanced courses. Click on to to hear this and other interviews with leading voices in education technology.

DeVry Expands Online Degree Program Offerings

Chicago-based DeVry University received approval to expand the number of degree programs offered online. The university, which offers degree programs in business, technology, and management, currently offers three undergraduate and all seven graduate programs online. The approval allows the school to offer five additional undergraduate programs via distance learning. DeVry University has been offering online programs since 1998, starting with its Keller Graduate School of Management master's degree programs. "DeVry has always offered degree programs which meet the needs of working adult learners," said Ronald L. Taylor, president and co-chief executive officer of DeVry Inc., the parent company of DeVry University. "Online delivery of these additional degree programs offers students the accessibility and flexibility they demand."

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Calif. Art Institute Offers BA in Video Game Design

The Art Institute of California-San Diego is offering a new bachelor's degree program in Game Art & Design, designed to train new computer artists "who combine artistic and digital skills with a fervent passion for creating—and playing—the next generation of video games." The city turns out to be a hub of video gaming entrepreneurship, with the presence of Midway Home Entertainment, Presto Studios, Dragon's Lair LLC, Rockstar San Diego, Rapid Eye Entertainment, and DFC Intelligence. Students in the program will start out by studying color theory, drawing, sculpture, and other art fundamentals. The program then adds courses in 3-D modeling, animation, texturing, scripting, storytelling, storyboarding, and other aspects of character design and game level design.

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Purdue Holds Rube Goldberg Machine Contest

Purdue University’s Theta Tau Fraternity will host the 21st annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest on Saturday, Feb. 15, which will underscore an environmental "can-do" spirit. This year student teams must build a machine that can select, crush, and pitch a 12-ounce aluminum can into a recycling bin in at least 20 steps. The competition pays homage to the late cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who specialized in drawing whimsical machines with complex mechanisms to perform simple tasks. The winning team will represent Purdue on Saturday, April 12, in a national contest, held in West Lafayette.

Deals, Awards, Contracts in Higher Education

TRAINING—DePaul University signed a three-year contract with Element K, a provider of online training in business and technology skills for IT, desktop, and management for faculty, staff, IT managers, and employees. The school, the largest Catholic university in the nation, bought 1,250 subscriptions, a system that allows trainees to take as many or as few modules or courses as they desire within a calendar year. Element K libraries are geared toward professional technical issues and includes self-directed study, instructor-led Web courses, and online books. Other libraries focus on desktop applications, Web design and development, and management skills.

ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE – Enterprise Resource Planning software giant PeopleSoft donated $3.5 million in ERP software to the University of Akron’s College of Business dministration. Under the agreement, CBA will receive full suites of PeopleSoft 8 Human Resources Management, Financials Management and Supply Chain Management software. The software will be available to the university for a nominal fee. The deal will give "UA business students exposure to the technologies they will encounter when they graduate since these technologies are becoming basic tools in all industries," said Thomas Gaylord, UA's chief information officer.

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