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News 02-11-2003

Sponsor: With strained IT resources, this university reduced its backup time by 50 percent!

Pace University (New York) experienced a sudden increase in projects that heightened IT support and resource demands - doubling its server capacity in just a few months. Backups became too time consuming. Solution: Pace chose Computer Associates International, Inc.'s BrightStor(tm) Enterprise Backup. Now the school can effectively back up its servers in less time and with less effort. Visit to read more. Register and win a Palm Pilot... FREE!!! Go to and become eligible for our Higher Education Palm Pilot promotion.

Stanford Studies Online Help for Chronically Ill

Stanford University Medical Center is hosting a six-week online workshop to teach self-management skills for people with heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease. Called Self Management @ Stanford, the online workshop helps participants learn skills to manage their chronic disease and to maintain or increase their level of activity. The workshops will feed a two-year study on how effective the Internet can be in helping people with chronic medical conditions live better, more active lives. Over the course of a year, workshop groups will complete three online questionnaires about their health status. The results will be compared against a control group composed of non-workshop participants.

For more information visit:

Sponsor: William Taylor Interviewed on Syllabus Radio

Syllabus Radio offers topical interviews with leading educators and creative thinkers in higher education on the hot issues of the day. This week, log on to and listen to host Judith Boettcher and William "Punch" Taylor, consultant to the Internet2 PKI Laboratory at Dartmouth College, as they discuss the implementation of wireless technology on campus.

Clemson Financial System to Chart Grant Growth

Clemson University has finished installing PeopleSoft accounts receivable and billing modules, a project that will enable the school to standardize its billing and receivables processes campuswide. The project was completed in less than four months with the help of Ciber Inc., which specializes in PeopleSoft installations. The software was first picked to bring campus administrative systems into Y2Kcompliance, but then expanded to include the financial modules. At the time, Clemson wanted to increase its research and sponsored programs to exceed $100 million as part of a goal to become one of the nation's top 20 universities. With the new system, Clemson can perform invoicing and management of receivables for the non-student university and foundation receivables, as well as all sponsored research.

eCollege Says Revenues, Earnings Rising

Course management system provider eCollege said revenues for the fourth quarter of 2002 were $6.3 million, up from $5.6 million for the fourth quarter of 2001. With that, the company reported that revenue for the year increased 19 percent to $23.7 million, from $19.8 million in 2001. For 2002, the Company's pre-tax earnings improved to a negative $251 thousand compared to a negative $7.7 million for 2001. The company also reported that for the 2002 fall term, the total number of student enrollments was 157,000 compared to 96,000 for the 2001 fall term. About 80,000 of the enrollments represented distance students, up from 58,000 distance students in the fall term last year. The number of distance courses rose to 4,900, a 27 percent increase over fall 2001.

Cal State Campus to Offer TV Tech Curriculum

California State University-Dominguez Hills is offering a live Internet class covering technologies used in the entertainment industry. Those who pass the course, which will include online lectures and discussions, will earn a "certificate of completion in entertainment technology." The first course, on the Technology of Television, will cover the basics of television technology, and move into digital and high definition TV, interactive TV, broadcast, cable, satellite, and video, as well as Hollywood's TV business. Follow-up courses include the Technology of Movies, to be offered in March, and the Technology of New Media, in April. The school said the target students are business professionals in the entertainment industry.

For more information visit:

Kurzweil to Offer Teacher Assistive Tech Training

Kurzweil Educational Systems, which makes reading technology systems for people with learning and visual disabilities, has launched a "professional development program" to train educators in integrating its latest platform, the Kurzweil 3000, into classrooms. The company is offering hands-on basic and advanced workshops in both half-day and full-day formats for groups of 20. The basic workshop is designed to introduce teachers to Kurzweil's reading features, writing supports, study skills tools, test taking, and scanning. The advanced workshop is designed to take educators who are familiar with the techno

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