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Annual Buyer's Guide

Networking and Telecommunications
An exploration of wired and wireless networking products for the campus.

Multimedia, Video, and Web Development Tools
Faculty can enhance course content using the top tools for content development and presentation.

Electronic Publishing
Today’s publishing tools can help build or find appropriate content, produce it, and publish it in print or online.

Curriculum Software
With the latest in curriculum software, from the sciences to humanities, virtual classroom experiences have come of age.

Course Management Systems
Feature-rich course management systems touch everything from class assignments to enterprise-wide administrative functions.

PCs, Workstations, and Notebooks
The range of personal computers, from sleek, compact note books to high-performance workstations.

Tablet PCs and Other Portable Devices
The mobile market offers host of handheld and portable devices.

Productivity Tools
The latest products from established productivity toolmakers.

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