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Syllabus News Update for Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Syllabus News Update:
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Mitsubishi and Purdue: Virtual scientific display.

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News for Tuesday, August 3, 2004

* Scientific Publishing Maven Joins Open Access Movement
* William & Mary Profs Win $1.9M Homeland Security Grant
* Product News Flash: Here Comes the Multimedia Blue Book
* Profs Visit ‘Leading B School’ in Largest Planned Economy
* Adobe Announced Winners of Annual Student Design Awards


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Scientific Publishing Maven Joins Open Access Movement

A central figure in the world of commercial scientific and medical
publishing has joined the ranks of the open access to research movement.

Dr. Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal, has
resigned as chief executive of BMJ Publishing Group and has joined the
Board of Directors of the Public Library of Science (PloS) to advocate
for an overall of current biomedical publishing models. "I thoroughly
support universal free access to research," he said, "because the
wonderful thing about ideas is more people being exposed to more ideas
leads to still more ideas. I regret as somebody who has been running a
medical publishing company for 13 years that publishers have made money
by restricting access to research and so limiting the development of
new ideas. We need a new model, and the Public Library of Science is
providing one."

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a non-profit organization of
scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific
and medical research a public resource. PLoS publishes open-access
journals of original peer-reviewed research, including PLoS Biology and
PLoS Medicine, which are available for free to anyone in the world with
a connection to the Internet.

For more information visit

William & Mary Profs Win $1.9M Homeland Security Grant

Three College of William & Mary School of Business professors have won
a $1.9 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security to work
on schemes to protect cargo shipping. Under the grant, awarded by the
Transportation Security Administration, a division of DHS, Richard Flood,
Hector Guerrero, and assistant dean and professor David Murray will
develop a standard model for rerouting cargo ship traffic during times
of seaport emergencies for all major U.S. ports. The team will partner
with Ciber Inc., an information technology and maritime consulting firm.

The TSA project will last 18 months and include a study of port facilities
in the United States and their capabilities and an analysis of cargo
vessels and port needs. The data collected from this research will help
them develop a model that will match the vessels with alternative ports,
should a port closure take place. Last year, for example, when the port
of Long Beach was closed due to a strike, the cost to the U.S. economy
was $1 billion per day.

Product News Flash: Here Comes the Multimedia Blue Book

Testing and assessment software provider Questionmark has joined with
Macromedia, creator of all things “Flash,” to release a software tool
that enables authors of quizzes, tests, exams and surveys to incorporate
Flash movies within questions.

The companies said that the Questionmark Perception Flash Connector works
together with Macromedia’s Flash to provide “a high level of context
within which a question can be answered.” For example, detecting a hazardous
situation such as a chemical spill or an ignition source within the
setting of a Flash movie can measure someone's sensitivity to hazards
better than a multiple choice question. Now authors can use sound and
videos and place measurable interactions within that context. Perception
Flash Connector, which supports Flash 5, Flash MX and Flash MX 2004,
makes it possible to evaluate and score an interaction and pass the
information on to Perception for collation and reporting.

Profs to Visit ‘Leading B School’ in Largest Planned Economy

Two prominent Chinese-American business school professors will spend a
sabbatical year at the Chinese Europe International Business School, a
non-profit joint venture created by the European Union and the Chinese
government and considered the leading business school in China.

The professors are Yu Gang, the Jack G. Taylor Professor in the Business,
Department of Management Science and Information Systems, at the University
of Texas, Austin. He is also Co-Director at the Center for Decisions
under Uncertainty and Director for Management of Operations and Logistics.

Prof. Fang Yue is chair and associate professor in the Department of
Decision Science in the University of Oregon business school. In
addition to teaching and research, he consults for corporate giants
including GE Capital Service and AT&T Network Systems, and government
agencies such as the US Department of Energy and Shanghai Development
Planning Commission.

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Adobe Announces Winners of Annual Student Design Awards

Design and document technology company Adobe Systems Inc., announced the
winners among more than 1,400 college students from the U.S., Canada,
and the U.K., who entered its design competitions in the categories of
print, illustration, photography, and time based media.

To see the winning entries, please visit:

In the group print collaboration category, the winners are: first place,
Samuel Farfsing and Brian R'ettinger, California Institute of the Arts;
second place, Nikolai Cornell and Shawn Randall, Art Center College of
Design, Pasadena, Calif.; and third place, Man Hui Chan and Elizabeth
Craig, California College of the Arts.

In the print category, the winners are: first place, G. Dan Covert,
California College of the Arts, San Francisco; second place, Leon Yan,
California Institute of the Arts; and third place, Michael Morris,
California College of the Arts.

In the illustration category, the winners are: first place, Jayme Yen,
Yale School of Art, New Haven, Conn.; second place, Chanho Lee, California
Institute of the Arts; and third place, Junghwa Moon, Pratt Institute,
Brooklyn, NY.

In the photography category, the winners are: first place, Nathan Baker,
Columbia College, Chicago; second place, Chiedozie Ukachukwu, Parsons
School of Design, New York; and third place, Jason Ross, Kendall College
of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI.

In the time-based media category, the winners are: first place, Adam Lieber,
Royal College of Arts, London; second place, Jun Seo Hahm, California
Institute of the Arts, Valencia, Calif.; and third place, Ryan Corey,
California Institute of the Arts.

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