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Syllabus News Update for Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Syllabus News Update:
An Online Newsletter from SyllabusMedia
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News for Tuesday, September 28, 2004

* USC Center for the Digital Future IDs Major Tech Trends
* Top Collegiate Programmers Meet in “Battle of the Brains”
* Drexel Holds Rally for Wireless Laptop Voter Registration
* Online Career Centers Partner to Pursue Technology Grads
* UIC Unveils Most Powerful MRI for Decoding Human Brain


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USC Center for the Digital Future IDs Major Tech Trends

As part of its ongoing research into the impact of the Internet on
American culture, the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at
the University of Southern California has identified 10 top trends
it says has significantly influenced the country. “Year Four of the
Digital Future Project” provides a year-to-year exploration of the
influence of the Internet on Americans. The project, formerly the
UCLA Internet Report, looks at the behavior of 2,000 Internet users
and non-users, as well as compares users with less than one year of
experience and very experienced users with at least seven years of

Among the findings from Year Four of the Digital Future Project:

* Internet access has risen to its highest level ever. About
three-quarters of Americans now go online.
* The number of hours spent online continues to increase, rising to
an average of 12.5 hours per week - the highest level in the study
thus far.
* E-mail is still the single most important reason people go online.
* Television viewing continues to decline among Internet users.

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Top Collegiate Programmers Meet in “Battle of the Brains”

Thousands of collegiate programmers will participate in this year's
international "Tech Olympics," the 2004-2005 Association for
Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming
Contest (ICPC).

The contest is sponsored by IBM, hand as operated on an open source
platform for the past three years, allowing students to become
familiar with Linux and Eclipse. This year, IBM will expose programmers
to Power parallel computing technologies. "With much of the leading
work in programming today dedicated to developing applications that
will run on parallel supercomputers, this contest will give young
programmers exposure to advanced programming environments," said
Gabby Silberman, Program Director, IBM Centers for Advanced Studies.

Over the next three months, regional competitions across the globe
are expected to draw more than 3,000 teams from over 70 countries
on 6 continents. Of these, 75 teams will compete at the World Finals
on April 3-7, 2005, in Shanghai, China, hosted by Shanghai Jiao
Tong University. The 2004 ACM-ICPC World Finals took place in Prague,
Czech Republic last March, where the St. Petersburg Institute of
Fine Mechanics and Optics emerged as the world champion.

For more information visit:

Drexel Holds Rally for Wireless Laptop Voter Registration

How will college students vote in the coming elections? At Drexel,
the administration at least wants to assure a reasonable turnout.
Drexel University president Constantine Papadakis and the college
deans lead a rally Monday to encourage students to vote. Ten wireless
laptops were set up to handle voter registration. The school mascot,
a dragon named Mario the Magnificent, helped rally the students.

Online Career Centers Partner to Pursue Technology Grads

Two online job networks formed a partnership to create one of the
largest career centers focused on high-level technology and engineering
jobs for graduates. Dice Career Solutions, Inc., an online job
board for technology and engineering professionals, and Experience,
Inc., a provider of university career networks, agreed on a partnership
to broadcast Dice's 50,000 job listings into Experience's network
of alumni associations and career centers. This result will make
technology and engineering job posting available to candidates in
the Experience network.

"Demand for information technology and engineering professionals
continues to rebound in the U.S.," said Scot Melland, president and
CEO, Dice Inc. "By partnering with Experience, we are now offering
(our) customers direct access to the country's most sought-after
technical talent -- those educated at the top engineering and
technology graduate schools across the U.S."

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UIC Unveils Most Powerful MRI for Decoding Human Brain

The University of Illinois at Chicago unveiled what it calls the
world's most powerful magnetic resonance imaging machine for human
studies, capable of imaging not just the anatomy but metabolism
within the brain. The school said the technology will usher in an
age of metabolic imaging that will help researchers understand the
workings of the brain, detect diseases before their clinical signs
appear, develop targeted drug therapies for illnesses like stroke,
and provide a better understanding of learning disabilities.

Central to the technology is a 9.4-tesla magnet, larger than any
other human-sized magnet, built by GE Healthcare, a unit of General
Electric Company. A tesla is a large measuring unit of magnetic
strength. "This technological leap forward is as revolutionary to
the medical community as the transition from radio to television
was for society," said Dr. Keith Thulborn, director of the UIC
Center for Magnetic Resonance Research.

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