IT Trends for Thursday, January 20, 2005

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Unwired, but Not Unplugged

Terry Calhoun, IT Trends Commentator
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
University of Michigan

I am so looking forward to my second NLII conference in New Orleans starting at the end of this weekend. As I have written before, I think it’s vital for professionals to get out to conferences and interact with others. Although I often find myself, days before such a trip, trying to find reasons not go to; I also always come back recharged, with my head full of new ideas – and glad that I went.

Speaking of recharged, the NLII event I went to two years ago impressed me as the first conference I had been to where the plenary session rooms were made up with several rows of tables to accommodate notebook users. I was very impressed. I also, now, do not remember what the accommodation was for electrical power in that room. I know that outlets in the common areas were few and far between. But at the NLII Fall Focus in Boston last September, there were sufficient power supplies at each table to accommodate anyone.

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MIT Media Lab’s Is Running Out of Money and Plans to Close

It was open only four years and started with such high hopes, but even MIT, and even in Ireland, apparently starting something so big immediately after the dotcom bust was just too much. (The Chronicle)
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Who’s on First? Who’s Covering IT Security?

Apparently, homeland security isn’t well integrated yet and one department after another assumes that the other is handling important cybersecurity issues - but they’re not. Several reports from the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee meeting on January 12 are available online. (NITRD)
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iPods a Campus Craze at North Carolina State University

Is it functionality? It’s certainly not cost. Many agree that it’s just cool. (Technician Online)

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Are You a P2P “Seeder?”

BayTSP claims that it has a technique that can analyze transactions and determine who the first uploader of a copyrighted file is to a P2P server. (New
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Quest for Outlets to Power Up

To power or not to power? Now that wireless access is getting closer to ubiquity, the issue for many is getting power. (
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Awaiting the Ax - PeopleSoft Layoffs

The 2,000 employees at the PeopleSoft office in Denver are uneasy and many have started packing up their stuff, preparing for the worst. (Denver Post)
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Virtual Pink-Slipping

Adding insult to injury, Oracle is apparently notifying PeopleSoft workers of termination by sending the “pink slips” to their homes by express mail. (Distance Educator)
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George Mason Confirms Attack by Hackers

The attack, against the university’s main ID server, compromised the names, photos, and social security numbers of more than 32,000 staff and students. It was discovered in early January but may have occurred up to 2-3 months earlier. (eCommerce Times)
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Indian Companies Fear Salary Wars

Spurred by the offshore outsourcing, a growing recognition of talent in India is bringing in multinational companies who are competing for local IT talent in wage-bidding wars. (Business Standard)
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Opera Browser is Free Now to Universities

Among the most attractive of its features is the potential for universities to customize the browser window with school colors, mascots, etc. (CNET)

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New Campus Security Survey Provides Benchmark for Campus Security Directors

Robert Schaefer Inc. recently conducted a survey of security managers at colleges and universities across the U.S. The survey is available as a benchmark to anyone interested in college or university security programs and security directors interested in comparing their own schools security measures in the post-9/11 world.
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CDW-G Awarded Contract for IT Services

CDW-G will provide information technology products and services, including streamlining technology acquisition, implementation, and standardization to Troy University. (The Messenger)
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Thursday, January 20, 2005

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UCSD Gets First Production on Ethernet Campus Connection

Upgrading from UCSD’s previous one gigabit connection, the connection g'es from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) to CENIC’s high-performance backbone network, CalREN. (
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The End of Telephony (As We Know It)

“Fixed and mobile telcos are waking up to the prospect of revenues going up in flames as voice calls are sent over IP networks – leaving customers as the likely winners.” (
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