IT Trends February 17 2005

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Bet Ya Can’t Download Just One!

Terry Calhoun, IT Trends Commentator
Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)
University of Michigan

The tri-annual board meetings of my employer-association, the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) are often intense, exhausting affairs with elaborate preparation – reports, charts, graphs – and all-day meetings with working lunches, and so forth. But there can be times when they are actually quite enjoyable, too. One of those times happened during a recent weekend when I mentioned Picasa, a new, free, software from Google. SCUP has academic planners, budget planners, IT planners, and campus planners–all sorts of folks who aren’t even ‘planners’ per se but who do planning as part of their work—in its membership.

When I off-handedly mentioned how Picasa was on its way to solving my problems with storing, accessing, and using images, pens were whipped out of purses and pockets and everyone was writing down as I spoke. They were all paying attention to me and excited about what I was saying. What a feeling of power!

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University of Michigan Identifies Marketscore as Threat

It's mounting a major initiative to keep Marketscore off student and staff computers due to the intense invasion of privacy offered by the Marketscore programming.
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Smart Classrooms Demand Smart Protection at Wilkes U

No classroom is occupied all day and the street resale value of tech stuff is high, so what to do? Wilkes is considering an electronic stand alone lock that is programmable through a PDA and can be timed.
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University of Ph'enix Touts Its Learning Technology

Simulations are among the technology-enabled features the University of Ph'enix uses. This is the most comprehensive IT-article we've seen yet about that institution.
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Vanderbilt Adding to Its 869 Wireless Access Points

As with most institutions, however, building wireless into new infrastructure is easy compared with retrofitting older buildings.
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College Spending on Technology Seen Down 4% in 2005

The same study, Market Data Retrieval reveals that private colleges spend more than twice as much per student on technology than do public institutions.
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U Nebraska at Omaha Upgrading Web Servers

The new server has 4 gigabytes of main memory (30 times CID's memory), 219 gigabytes of storage space and dual 2.8 gigahertz processors - but most of the work involved is in deciding what to do with old files.
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New Program Lets Users Share Files Through iTunes

A new program called getTunes is popular at the University of Oregon - with students, anyway. It lets “legal,” shared streaming audio files be accessed and downloaded despite security precautions.
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Columbia U Plans to Tap into NYC's Wireless Project

New York City is planning a city-wide system of wireless internet access that will require it to purchase leases for 20,000 access points.
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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005

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Dawgtel May Be Coming Your Way for Academic Text Messaging

It's a software application that lets students opt-in and then the university sells access to merchants who can text message ads to students. The Southern University of Illinois-Carbondale is planning to implement it and let teachers text message their students, too.
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