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News for Tuesday, February 8, 2005
* NASA Joins Seven Universities in Space Station Research Exchange
* Utah Education Net Offers Common Storage Services to Affiliates
* Stanford Schedules Exclusive Online Masters Courses in Math Engineering
* Deals: ETS, eCollege, Consolidate Testing, Accreditation Services
* Deals: IBM Wiring S.F. State for Collaborative Computing *****************************************************
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NASA Joins Seven Universities in Space Station Research Exchange

Students and faculty studying human space flight will soon access
technical data from the International Space Station in a research
exchange with NASA. The space agency recently awarded
grants to seven universities to work with the Johnson Space Center,
Houston, on projects designed to stimulate academic interest in
space exploration.

“This partnership truly seeks to inspire the next
generation of explorers as only NASA can,” said Dennis Stone,
ISS Engineering Outreach Project manager. “The faculty and
students will get real experience with human space flight research
and operations, and NASA will benefit from their creative
thinking and enthusiasm.”

Under the grant program, faculty and students will have access
to the Space Station's technical data and expertise. In exchange,
NASA will tap university studies and draw on the students and
faculty for assistance in helping with space station projects.

The universities selected for grants are: Georgia Institute of
Technology, MIT, Montana State University, Purdue University,
University of Alabama-Huntsville, University of Mississippi, and
University of Wyoming. The grant is part of the 2004 Aerospace
Workforce Development Competition Announcement distributed
to the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program
network of universities.

Sprint Campus Connect: Innovative Mobile and Wireless Solution
for Higher Ed

Demand for wireless networks and mobile solutions on campus has
grown dramatically, bringing challenges in integration and cost effectiveness.
Sprint Campus Connect addresses those issues and more with its new
any time, anywhere customized solutions for colleges and universities.
For details on Sprint Campus Connect, its applications, and examples
of its use at two universities, download the white paper, “The Mobility
Challenge in Higher Education,” at

Utah Education Net Offers Common Storage Services to Affiliates

To cope with a growing demand for greater data storage capacity for the
“exponential growth” of data on campuses, the Utah Education Network,
a consortium of public education providers, announced a common set
of storage services for universities and other educational affiliates in the

“Given the diverse nature of the storage infrastructures deployed
throughout our state as well as the exponential growth in data, voice,
and video within our network, we needed a flexible and resilient
storage solution,' said Mike Petersen, executive director for UEN.
'With increasing requirements for UEN services, our storage needs
have doubled to tripled over the last year. It became necessary to
look at a different way to address storage growth.'

The organization is deploying SANsympony, a storage area network
from DataCore Inc., to serve 10 universities, as well as the Utah
Electronic College, the Utah State Office of Education, local school
districts, and online education, as well as the state's library systems.

For more information visit:

Stanford Schedules Exclusive Online Masters Courses in Math Engineering

Stanford University's Institute for Computational and Mathematical
Engineering (ICME) offers an online master of science in
computational and mathematical engineering (CME) in its fall 2005

Studying from home, students gain access to Stanford research using
computer simulation tools for designing jet engines, exploring surgical
strategies, understanding of protein folding in health and disease, and
optimizing Internet traffic. The Stanford professional development
center offers graduate degrees, credit courses, certificates and
professional development short courses for engineers, scientists,
technology professionals and managers.

Twenty-three Stanford master of science degree concentrations are
available online including:
* biomedical informatics
* computer science
* computational mathematics and engineering
* electrical engineering,
* management science and engineering
* mechanical engineering.

The Stanford Center for Professional Development plans to deliver
the courses online. Television broadcast is available in the San
Francisco Bay area. All courses will be taught by Stanford faculty.

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Deals: ETS, eCollege, Consolidate Testing, Accreditation Services

ETS, the nonprofit educational testing organization, and education
platform developer eCollege will jointly offer an online course
evaluation solution to help schools with accreditation benchmarking.

eCollege customers will be able to purchase access to ETS academic
assessment instruments, which include the Student Instructional
Report II (SIR II) for on-campus learning and the e-SIR II for
distance learning, according to a joint announcement.

The plan calls for online delivery through the eCollege platform.
In addition to the current print version of SIR II, ETS customers
will be able to purchase the new Web-based SIR II and e-SIR II
products delivered through eCollege technology. This offers ETS
customers a fully hosted, scalable and reliable online option.

Deals: IBM Wiring S.F. State for Collaborative Computing

IBM is bringing its corporate Workplace product to campus.
Big Blue and San Francisco State Univeristy signed a $2.3 million
agreement to upgrade campus communication technologies,
providing unified e-mail, calendaring, group collaboration and
Web conferencing to students, faculty and staff.

Under the deal, SFSU will purchase IBM's Workplace Collaboration
Services running on IBM eServer pSeries hardware. SFSU plans
for Workplace include setting up customized online portals and
collaborative applications for its 29,000 students, and 3,000 faculty
and staff, as well as 18,000 additional users, said Jonathan
Rood, SFSU associate vice president for information technology.
The majority of SFSU students are urban commuters.

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