IT Trends May 12, 2005

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Be a Web Site Hero, Put Stars in Their Eyes

By Terry Calhoun


A recently-published white paper, titled Her'es of the Web, says an awful lot of very nice things about college and university webmasters. It says that college and university web content managers are the hardest working web content manager[s] on the planet today.

That's probably true, and for more reasons than the white paper discusses. The white paper (which is partially an ad, but worth reading anyway) purports that the average college or university website contains 250 times as many pages than the average other website. Higher education websites make up less than .01% of all websites, yet they account for over 2.5% of all web content.
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Computer Number 958 Where Are You?

University of Kentucky's provost has called this an "epidemic loss"--at last count 958 computers UK had purchased for employees cannot be located. That's more than $2M. Most are probably just not inventoried well, but some are likely stolen. (The Louisville Courier-Journal)
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2005: HAL Gets Job Grading Essays

Grading student essays is one of the proverbial pains in teaching. A University Missouri-Columbia sociology professor is automating the task with “SAGrader,” software developed with funding from the National Science Foundation.(CNN)
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The Great Gadget Give-away Continues

Despite Duke University's (NC) downscaling, it will continue some parts of its iPod experiment. Other instititutions working with students and iPods include Drexel University (PA), the University of Maryland (grad students and faculty) and San Diego State University (single classroom experiment). (SignOn San Diego)
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A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Classroom

"I had this dream: While walking to a classroom at Johns Hopkins (MD), I suddenly realized it was gone. Funny thing; I woke up to discover it wasn't a dream at all." (The John Hopkins University Gazette)
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Colleges Must Adapt to Technological Advances

Technology demands on colleges and universities don't just mean demands for new toys and faster networks. Demands caused by the changes in technology in the workplace strains the future of higher education. (Times Union, Albany NY)
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Preserving Access to Digital Information

We've written about preserving access to old digital information. This web resource from the National Library of Australia covers a lot of the pertinent ground and tools. (Internet Scout Project)
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Datatel Gets Agreement from Three Institutions

Datatel Colleague will be the business ERP of choice for this diverse group of higher education institutions: Jacksonville University (FL), Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science (IL), and the University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville. (Business Wire)
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

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Microsoft Launches New Version of Windows Mobile

WIndows Mobile 5.0 offers PowerPoint displays and lots of more effective peripheral connectivity; and it eliminates the "Pocket PC" brand. (USA Today)
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