IT Trends June 23, 2005

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Bravo for the Duke iPod Experiment

By Terry Calhoun

It was a daring experiment, and one that caught immediate criticism because some saw the university as “giving away toys” to the incoming freshman class. Well, iPods are "toys" in a sense, and of course they were mostly used for entertainment. But some pretty interesting lessons were learned.

And it was just the start. Next fall, incoming freshman at one university are each getting their own personal gigabyte key fob drive and there are probably many initiatives I haven’t learned of yet. There’s no doubt that we’ll all be carrying everything we have access to with us, all of the time, in the not-to-distant future. So, let’s take a look at what Duke learned before we go off doing bigger and better things. Read more


Federal ID Theft Fugitive Had Access to U Hawaii Records

A woman who has been indicted for ID theft elsewhere, turns out to have been employed by the University of Hawaii for six months in 2003 - in a job where she had access to more than 150,000 social security numbers and other information. It's a major headache for university administrators. (KHON2 News) Read more

IUPUI, Fort Wayne Company Develop RFID Study Guide

Briljent, a technical writing, training and documentation company has teamed up with the IUPUI Solution Center to develop materials for a study guide for a new RFID certification exam. (Inside Edge) Read more

Purdue Traces Security Breach to Belgium

As part of an ongoing criminal investigation, the Purdue University (IN) has determined that a recent security break that left more than 11,000 Social Security numbers exposed originated in Belgium. (Purdue Expononet) Read more

Oops! 119 University of Kansas Students Get Group e-Mail After Failing Course

Someone at the financial aid office at UK sent an e-mail to 199 students who had failed classes last semester and whose financial aid was in jeopardy. Unfortunately, each of the 119 students could also read in the email who the other 118 students were. (USA Today)
Read more


Technology and the Management of Instruction

This is an "Education Review" report on Management of Instruction: Monograph 4 by Robert Heinich. (Education Review) Read more


USC Using SunGard Technology for Homeland Security Compliance

To deal with the Homeland Security issues facing Internation students and the campuses that host them, The University of Southern California is using SunGard software to manage compliance with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) reporting requirements mandated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The USC program was recognized in the Open Doors Report. Read more

Thursday, June 23, 2005

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VoIP White Paper: “The Business Case for Convergence”
Why are so many businesses suddenly deploying VoIP? It’s all about productivity. Companies today are finding out that with VoIP, they can get more done while spending less money. “The Business Case for Convergence” is an informative new white paper from Zultys that outlines several ways businesses can reap tremendous benefits from today’s smart IP Telephony solutions.

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Simplify PC and Wireless Laptop Printing
Do you have an increasing number of students using their own laptops on campus needing an easy way to print? PrinterOn's Campus Printing System is ideal for use in libraries, computing labs, residences, print centers and common areas, and supports network topologies that are problematic for traditional printing solutions. Read about the technologies and printing solutions that provide value to mobile and wireless users on campus in the whitepaper, "Student Printing in a Mobile Computing Environment," by PrinterOn. Download from the Campus Technology Resource Page.

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Syllabus2005: Spotlight on Innovation, Integration & Collaboration
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What Can You Learn from a Cell Phone? Almost Anything!

Cell phones, essentially small computers, "can support language lessons, display animations of medical and chemical processes, be used for polling and testing, serve as the gateway to larger learning resources—and so much more. Yet many professors kick them out of the classroom. (Journal of Online Education) Read more

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