IT Trends Thursday January 19 2006

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Educating the Net Generation and What To Do About Printed Publications?

By Terry Calhoun

There is this new book that you must read. It is edited by Diana G. Oblinger of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and James L. Oblinger of North Carolina State University. It’s called Educating the Net Generation, and you will find it completely available online, at no cost to you, in HTML and PDF – but EDUCAUSE is not printing, warehousing, and distributing printed copies.

Instead, on the home page for the book there is a button for “Professional Printing Options.” When you follow it, you’ll find a note that suggests that you can (a) download the PDF to a local print shop and have them print it or that you can contact one of three companies that can print, bind, and ship copies in a variety of ways. Not that most of my readers will want to, given that the eBook version is free and full of links and other features. Read more


Digital Dumping at the University of Missouri

Ah, yes, the every-present question: "When you throw something away, where is away?" Learn how this campus re-uses, recycles, and "de-"manufactures IT equuipment. (Columbia Missourian) Read more

New GPL Is Free at Last: New Gnu Public License!

At MIT, author Richard Stallman announces the first Gnu update in 15 years and attempts to deal with the myriad of ways "'perversion of free software' would occur if GPL-licensed code were included in DRM encryption software." (Wired) Read more

Microsoft Bus to Visit Western Nevada Community College

The traveling expo gives local students, staff, and others, to see the latest trends and products in the Microsoft line. (Lahontan Valley News) Read more

Code Warriors and Free Culture

NYU student provides insight in The Village Voice's take on what it sees as a larger area of gray than many others do, on the edge between legal and illegal digital duplication. (The Village Voice) Read more


EDUCAUSE Introduces an eBook: Educating the Net Generation

It's a must-read, and it's free, online. And if you want print copies, they've arranged for printers to do that for you - but not through EDUCAUSE. (Also see Opinion above) Find out more

The Lowdown on High-Tech Terms

This light-hearted 'primer' is actually a quite useful tool to pass around, maybe especially to your boss or on-campus clients. Read more


Hard Drives Get Vertical Boost

Seagate's new laptop hard drive gets a one-third boost in storage from adding perpendicular technology for storing bits. (Wired News) Read more

Central Michigan University Wins Award for "Antivirus Quarantine Environment"

This was a statewide competition by the higher ed consortium, Michigan Universities Self-Insurance Corp. (Central Michigan University News) Read more

Thursday, January 19, 2006

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Anonymity on a Disc

Anonym.OS comes on a live CD, meaning it will boot and operate your computer - enough to browse the web with security - without touching your hard drive. (Wired) Read more

Nikon Will Stop Making Most Film Cameras

For all of those who were saying, in 1995, that digital would never replace film! (CNN) Read more

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