IT Trends :: Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Is Text Inadequate?

By Terry Calhoun

One weekend back in January, my wife, myself, our three fairly grown kids, and one spouse-in-law drove to eastern Ohio to celebrate a late Christmas with my mother. Since we’d been waved off by my “back home” family on a previous weekend (they’d all contracted some nasty non-computer bug), we were eager to go. But the stretch of the Ohio Turnpike between Toledo and Youngstown is one of the most completely boring stretches of road in the United States.

So, on the way out east I read a book by J.A. Jance titled Edge of Evil. It was okay; not nearly one of her best, but she made a good stab at creating and working with an ordinary character whose personal and professional web of communications included email, instant messaging, and blogging. As I read, I thought that Jance had taken the best stab at this of any author I have yet read...

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Blind Tech Exec Knocks Down Walls for the Disabled

Many of today's personal gadgets require screens, preventing some people from enjoying new technology…
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Google to Offer Online Access to Books

After being sued by the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild, the search engine giant is looking for ways to offer books other than public domain texts…
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African Colleges Are Merging Into Internet Fast Lane

Internet access for African universities can cost up to $10,000 per month, while American institutions might only pay $100 per month…
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Study Says Chips in ID Tags Are Vulnerable to Viruses

No, not "wetware" viruses, but instead those chips some thought too simple to be susceptible to computer viruses turn out to be not so well protected…
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Talking Through Cyberspace: Internet-Based Connection Catching On

The University of Notre Dame is upgrading their 12,000 phone lines to operate on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)…
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Mobile Routers Changing WiFi Access

Take your hot spot with you! A device that lets a person access the Internet on a laptop virtually anywhere is available…
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Georgia College Pushes for iPod Ingenuity

More schools are integrating technology with traditional teaching tools. At Georgia College & State University, one-third of the faculty use iPods to enhance lectures and assignments…
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Anna University-Microsoft Strategic Allegiance

Microsoft is granting access to all of its development tools for use by Anna University's faculty and staff in India…
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Amazon Provides Hosted Storage Service

The University of California now uses’s new S3 service to save 60 million images at 15 cents per gigabyte per month…
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Thursday, March 23, 2006

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GTCO CalComp Introduces New Radio-Frequency Device

The InterWrite PRS RF student response system features a two-line LCD display that lets students see their answers and receive instant notification upon successfully transmitting them to the teacher. The 16-character display is also ideal for use with self-paced testing. Read more

MPC Computers Offers Affordable Server

The new NetFRAME 1420 server from MPC Computers features hot-swap SATA II hard drives and DDR2 memory in a 1U rack-mountable form factor. The system also features support for dual-core processor technology, which incorporates two processing units into a single processor chip. Read more

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