IT Trends :: Thursday, May 18, 2006


Feeling Whole Again: Getting Appropriate Technology Back In Hand

By Terry Calhoun

If you’ve been reading this column since mid-winter, you might recall that my last Treo 650 flopped into an icy puddle while I was photographing a pothole at a local mall. This pothole had destroyed two of the tires on one of our family’s smaller cars.

At that time, I decided that I would not replace it with another Treo, but would instead get one of the “cooler” phones that young people are using. So, I purchased a Sprint PCS -capable flip phone. It is red, of course, like my cars. The red phone (called that instead of by its name so that I don’t seem like I am picking on it, since, like Jimmy Buffet sings, a lot of the bad stuff “could be my own ‘darn’ fault”) had seemingly deliberate built-in limitations and lacked the sophistication of input and output controls that the Treo offers.

Last Friday, I gave up and purchased a new Treo 650, handing the red phone over to my delighted high school-graduating daughter, Abby...

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IT News

PC, Mac, and Linux Junkies Can All Be Happy in U. Pittsburgh Labs

University of Pittsburgh students are charged an annual $260 technology fee. This may seem a little hefty to some…

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Fear the Phone, Not the Doorknob, Germ Expert Says

According to this report, a campus computer lab may be more germ-ridden than a dormitory bathroom...

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Internet Freedom for Some Chinese Students

New Jersey's Kean University is opening a college in Zhejiang, China...

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More Than 200,000 Identities Exposed in Ohio University Data Breaches

The attacks, which occurred during the end of April and beginning of May, were first noticed by the FBI and then reported to Ohio University's IT department...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Renewed Computer Deals to Save Students, Indiana U. Money

IU's Information Technology Services has restructured. In so doing, it has renewed its deals with Microsoft and Dell...

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$3.6M European Project Targets Integrated Wireless Nets

MEMBRANE (Multi-Element Multihop Backhaul Reconfigurable Antenna Network) is a new project to develop "alternative, efficient technologies to connect users in homes and office buildings to the Internet."…

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New Technology

Students and Turtles Mesh at UMass

Replacing the old hand-wave sign of everything being okay, University of Massachusetts in Amherst’s buses now carry...

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$100M Supercomputer Takes Nanotech Back to School for RPI

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, working with IBM and the State of New York, is laying claim to having the most powerful supercomputer at a university...

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Boise State Campus Makes Switch to Internet Phoning

The choice to convert the school's analog phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) came down to one factor: cost…

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Even Campus Administrators find Facebook Professionally Useful

The students are all "hooked." They might ignore official e-mail alerts, so some administrators are joining Facebook…

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