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New IBM Program to Woo Appalachian Students into Tech Jobs

Technology programs at Appalachian colleges are at risk because of declining enrollment. This particular article cites students' and parents' misconceptions about technology careers being a factor in the lack of interest in such studies. IBM hopes to change all that. The primary goal of the program right now in Appalachia is not to introduce new tech programs into the schools that lack them, but rather to try to help keep current programs going… (InformationWeek)

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Sacred Heart Latest University to Lose Identities

A local Fairfield, CT, news station reported that Sacred Heart University mailed 135,000 letters about the identity theft incident to students, alumni, and faculty. An official message on the school's Web site stated, "We immediately took the computer offline and began an aggressive investigation using university resources and an independent Internet security firm to determine if data was accessed."… (InformationWeek)

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Campus Outlaw Organizes New Way for Union College Students to Buy Books

A pair of sophomores at Union College created an online textbook exchange program that many students favor over campus bookstores. The two students who created this site, said because students are buying from and trading with each other, "the price of books for users will fall to an expected 50% of the list price, while net costs for each textbook will fall to an anticipated 15% of the list price."... (TCMnet)

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FEMA Talks About IT Lessons Learned

This interview with CIO Barry West and Deputy CIO Jeanne Etzell of FEMA talks about post-Katrina realizations and how to move forward more efficiently. Especially interesting from an IT standpoint is the plan to load portable trailers full of phones and laptops so disaster victims can register for assistance more easily… (

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