IT Trends :: Thursday, June 29, 2006


Homeless in Cyberspace

By Terry Calhoun

I often hold up my Treo 650 and my Dell Latitude X1 and say to people, “This is all I need and my office is wherever I can get a Sprint signal.” The mobility of my professional functionality will be increasing over the next few years, as Washtenaw County, the home of Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be blanketing the county – even my rural section – with wireless within two years. Then I won’t even need the Treo.

I was kind of startled the other day to read a few articles about how even homeless people are managing to get connected and online. Some of them even have smart phones and laptops, so I guess they could say that “My home is wherever I happen to be and can get plugged in.” We probably aren’t far from the point in time when most people are connected wherever they are, whenever they wish – even the homeless...

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IT News

Ohio U Suspends IT Managers over Data Breaches

It seems Ohio U news will never stop coming. In response to three security breaches in the spring...

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A New Sheriff in Town: Monitoring Outbound Content

A recent InfoPro study reported 72% of surveyed enterprises saying internal security threats are just as much, if not more, of a concern as external attacks...

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Kent Banning Athlete Web Profiles

Some schools discourage or disallow usage on campus computers...

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Forrester: Skills Shortage Will Worsen Unless Industry Seeds IT Talent

A new report from Forrester shows that IT and programming studies enrollment is significantly dropping...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Ellison Leaves Harvard Hanging

Last year, Larry Ellison, founder and CEO of enterprise information management software supplier Oracle Corp., promised a $115 million donation to Harvard University...

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Ohio U. Trustees Approve $4 Million to Secure Computer System

What d'es it cost to prevent identity theft? On June 23, the board of trustees of Ohio University allocated up to $4 million toward improving the campus’ network security…

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New Technology

New York City Taps Mapping Software to Fight Domestic Violence

The New York City Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence is using MapInfo Corp.’s MapInfo Professional application to...

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The Last Days of Privacy

In UC San Diego’s computer science building graduate student lounge...

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Lost in a Sea of Science Data

Some researchers are concerned about a 21st century “data deluge.”...

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More Than 100 Work to Develop Emergency Internet

Dan Gallagher, Cape Cod Community College’s information technology director, led a summit for government agencies, schools and Internet providers to raise funding and support for an emergency Internet system...

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