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Friends Forever: From "Prison" Through a Lifetime

By Terry Calhoun

It’s often said, and I agree, that most high schools look as much like prisons as they do anything else. The fact that many high school students feel like they’re in prison is ironic.

My youngest daughter is graduating today from a high school that d'esn’t look like a prison, and d'esn’t (most of the time, for most students) feel like one, either. The other two high schools in town are quite large and do look like prisons. But my daughter’s school is a small, 425-student “alternative” high school where the students call teachers by their first names and there are no such silly rules as “you can’t wear a hat inside the school,” or “you can’t leave the property at lunch,” or “no electronic devices in school at any time.”

The latter “rule,” is so moronic. Not just because cell phones, PDAs, laptops, iPods, etc. are essential to students nowadays, but because it is so generic a fiat. After all, whatever the students are using for timekeeping is also probably an “electronic device.”...

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IT News

Harvard Profs Lay Down Law: No Laptops in Class

Harvard Health Services keeps a contemporary list of concerns for college students, including anxiety, eating disorders, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and now...

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Miami U. Employee Loses PDA with Student Information

A different kind of data exposure happened at a school in Ohio. A Miami University employee lost a personal device containing...

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Go Away – Just Kidding!

The Defense Department's Defense Secretary Service first said it would not allow .edu computers to access...

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University Launches Data Center Lab, Consolidation Effort

Carnegie Mellon 's new Data Center Observatory is funded by...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Parature Gets Capitol College CRM Work

At Capitol College in Maryland, all graduate courses are taught online. In order to provide students with around-the-clock support, the college will use...

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New Kid on the Block

Northwestern, Stanford and the University of Florida are paying $10,000-$25,000 per year to use Affinity Engines…

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New Technology

Crosswalk Releases iGrid Intelligent Storage Grid System

Among the first to utilize this new system is the University of Utah's Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC)...

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DukeCapture: Automated Classroom Lecture Recording

This new technology "will allow instructors to easily record audio, video, and visuals from a lecture, knowing that the files will be available online shortly after class."...

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Computerized Records Help UNC Health Care Doctors Treat Patients

University of North Carolina Health Care System uses an IBM-developed "Web-based interoperable health record system that lets 7,000 caregivers...

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Robots Help Hospitalized Students Keep Up

PEBBLES (Providing Education By Bringing Learning Environments to Students) is a two-robot program that allows students to participate in classes from their hospital beds...

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