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Staying Middle Class (Or Don’t Cede Any Century to a Country that Censors Google)

By Terry Calhoun

Thomas L. Friedman addressed the assembled 4,000+ attendees at the Campus of the Future Conference on the morning of Monday, July 10. Friedman, author of the influential book, The World Is Flat, provided a condensed and vigorous summary of the key points of his thinking in the book and shared some additional thoughts of interest to educators.

Friedman delineates three eras of “globalization” in human history.

Globalization 1.0: This era took place up until the 1800s and involved countries themselves globalizing through conquest and colonization. During this time, the world moved from being XXL to a size medium.

Globalization 2.0: This era is from the 1800s until 2000 and involved globalization through the activities of corporate and commercial interests. During this time the world moved from a size medium to a size small.

Globalization 3.0 has been happening since 2000 and has resulted in the world becoming “tiny.” Globalization 3.0 flattened the economic playing field and “requires individuals to globalize themselves and to see themselves as competing and collaborating as individuals with individuals anywhere around the world.”...

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IT News

Western Illinois University Hit with Security Breach

On June 5, hackers obtained access to at least 180,000 Social Security and credit card numbers stored on...

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Hacker Breaks Into UT Computer With Workers' Information

The University of Tennessee joins the list of schools suffering from security breaches...

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Protect Your Passwords

College servers may be attractive to hackers because of their accessibility and the information they contain...

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Merriam-Webster Unveils New Dictionary Entries

At the end of the summer, the newest edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary will hit the shelves...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Free, Legal, and Ignored

A Cornell University’s legal downloading program through Napster allows students to download digital music from the Web...

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Apple to Sell Education iMac for $899

Apple’s 2005 report attributed 12% of net sales to the United States educational market…

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New Technology

Wireless PCs Motivate Students Says Study

At the National Educational Computing Conference, The Center for Research in Education Policy at the University of Memphis announced the results of...

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College Class Spreads Wi-Fi

Professor John McMullen and his Monr'e College Computer Information Systems students have installed...

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Radford University to Require iPods for Music Majors

This fall’s incoming freshman music majors will be required to purchase iPods...

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School Successes

This blogger, who believes “if a technology will work in schools it will work anywhere,” posts...

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