IT Trends :: Thursday, July 6, 2006


No One 'G'es' Continuous Partial Attention (CPA)

By Terry Calhoun

It’s truly amazing how archaic air flight is for information age professionals. We still don’t have batteries strong enough to last through a flight. Although I carry a special power supply kit, I have yet to fly on an airplane which has a public supply to tap into. Partly because of that, and partly because they haven’t decided yet how much we’ll pay to be online during flight, today’s long flights are interruption-free vacuums. For the particular one I am on right now – Detroit to San Francisco, change planes for Honolulu – I brought a bunch of work to read and five novels.

The front pages to the second novel, Tom Dorsey’s The Big Bamboo, which I just started, contain a simple quote from Ronald Reagan on an otherwise blank white page: “No one g'es Hollywood – they were that way before they came here. Hollywood just exposed it.” That’s the perfect riposte to July 5’s New York Times column by Thomas L. Friedman, “The Age of Interruption.”...

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IT News

Congress Targets Social-Networking Sites

Following the European Union’s 2005 decision demanding Internet service providers to record and store activity logs, the United States government is pursuing...

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Microsoft's Office 2007 Hits Snag

First Vista, now Office. The release date has been moved from October to...

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Ruling May Save Colleges Millions

As implied by a recent court ruling, higher education institutions will be able to spend less than the federal requirement...

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Windows 98 Users on Their Own

On July 11, approximately 70 million Windows 98 users will be exposed to hackers and crashes...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Microsoft Looks to Academia for Talent, Business

A senior editor for the Chronicle of Higher Education said, "Microsoft certainly pays a lot of attention to the education space.”...

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Tablet PCs Required for Virginia Tech Engineers

Virginia Polytechnic Institute began requiring students to own computers back in 1984…

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New Technology

Indiana University Claims Fastest Supercomputer

According to a new list announced at the International Supercomputer Conference...

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Strayer University Launches Pioneering Virtual Commencement Ceremony

One third of Strayer’s students take all of their classes online...

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A Lesson in Finance: Teachers Sell Their Original Work Online

When students buy others’ work online and pass it off as their own in class, it’s called plagiarism...

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Capella University Launches 'Inside Online Education' Podcasts

Capella, an online university, is launching a podcast series that explores the benefits of Internet education through...

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