IT Trends :: Thursday, August 10, 2006


AOL Spills: The Rest of Us Feel Chills

By Terry Calhoun

What if we could know what you are planning to do? What if we thought we knew what you are planning to do? What if law enforcement thought it knew what you were planning to do? These became questions for the real world earlier this week.

Q: Is it possible to identify someone with precision if you know nothing about them except the text of the queries they have typed into a search engine?

A: Yes.

How do we know? A research group at AOL thought it would be useful for academics to analyze the search text query data, and shared AOL’s online. They apparently didn’t have the authority to do so, but didn’t know that. AOL took it down pretty fast, but the genie was out of the bottle and it had been copied and transmitted all over the Internet. The data even tells you whether a searcher clicked on a corresponding link. Some sites are now devoted to making it available for anyone to play with...

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IT News

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Wireless Cards Make Notebooks Easy Targets for Hackers

These security researchers say wireless cards and wireless device drivers are vulnerable to attacks because...

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Ohio University Coping With Information Breaches

Oh, OU. Now the school, which suffered a major hacker attack and exposed over 100,000 Social Security numbers in May, is...

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Wash Your Hands, Caller. Your Mobile is Dirtier than You Think

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Cal Poly Installs New ID System

When a professor’s laptop containing over 3,000 students Social Security numbers was stolen in July...

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Rhode Island Extends Rural Wi-Fi

Brown University is among the supporters of…

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New Technology

System Allows Blind to 'See' to Shop

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Electronic Daydreaming

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Mayville State University Majors Cross Campus Boundaries

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Education Falls into the Laps of MSU Students

More news from Mayville State University...

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