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The Power of Wikipedia: A Challenge for You to Help Record History

By Terry Calhoun

Very recently, I was able to find a “political” use for Wikipedia that feels empowering.

In the event that you do not know, Wikipedia is a Wiki-based “encyclopedia” that allows Web documents to be served up and then edited by anyone who has access to the document. Working the bugs out has been interesting, and the site has its detractors, but I believe that at this moment in time there is no better place to go to learn the basics of a subject new to you.

Below, I will share two new Wikipedia articles I have begun to work on, along with my request that you go there and contribute to them as well. I have created a Wikipedia article on Higher Education Computing. Just a very basic one that anyone can go and enhance!

I have also created a Wikipedia article about the events at the beginning of the school year of 2003, which we all suffered through. You can enhance that so-far-very-simple article here: Higher Education’s 2003 “Perfect Storm” of Returning Students with Viruses and Worms...

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IT News

3,000 First-Years, All Searching for a Connection

Across the country, thousands of students are moving into dormitories...

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UC Students Get Crash Course in Internet Privacy

A survey of University of California, Berkeley undergrads found that...

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Can Blogging Boost Your Career?

About 12 million Americans are recent bloggers...

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Colleges Warn of Sites Devoted to Networking

More than 40% of Penn State Berks student belong to

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Wake Forest Explores Advantages of Pocket PCs on Campus

Wake Forest University is working with Cingular to test a program called MobileU...

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MBA Students Get Free BlackBerries

The reasoning by the University of Maryland’s decision to provide…

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New Technology

Small Drives Cause Big Problems

Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives are so small that they...

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Thai Children to Test Low-Cost Laptop PCs

The MIT-initiated One Laptop Per Child program will take off this October as children in...

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College Students Connect Online

Wilkes University is taking advantage of Facebook popularity and creating its own...

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What Summer Break? Net Projects Kept Higher-Ed IT Pros Cramming

American University’s IT executive director says...

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