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Low Tech, High Tech: An Old Convertible and a New Playlist Functionality

By Terry Calhoun

A few days ago I spent an entire day using older technologies and then learning about an interesting application of newer technologies. I spent most of the day being an official for the U.S. Amateur Disc Golf Championships, riding my bicycle up and down the slopes of the challenging Toboggan Course north of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I ended the day at an open house for All Media Guide (AMG), an Ann Arbor-based company and got to see some of their newest software, including Tapestry™, an intelligent play list selecting system that combines (a) the mass brain power of highly literate human music, video, and gaming experts with (b) a comprehensive database of content, quality, and other information about music, gaming, and video, and (c) some pretty nifty algorithms and a friendly interface.

Between the two events, I drove a 43-year old Chevy Corvair Monza convertible (red, of course) in heavy and fast freeway traffic, ran out of gas, and biked along the freeway with a gas can, empty one way and full the other...

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IT News

Are Computer Labs Still Needed on Campus?

The Chronicle of Higher Education has an interesting new feature...

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Documents from OU Security Audit Recovered

More Ohio University data breach drama unfolds as Moran Technology Consulting reveals...

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Windows HS: Microsoft Designs a School System

The Microsoft-designed "School of the Future" opened its doors last week in a gleaming white modern facility...

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Student Center Host to Campus Technology Fair, Organization Open House

At the University of Nebraska Omaha last Wednesday, Milo Bail Student Center was the place to be...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Prototype Educational Facility Opens in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia school district, the seventh largest in the country due to its 278 schools and over 210,000 students, enlisted the services of Meru Networks to develop...

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Qatar University to Deploy Digital Campus Solutions from SunGard Higher Education

The Middle East moves to enterprise systems for universities…

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New Technology

Into the Wireless Generation

A University of Virginia student newspaper associate editor raises questions and concerns about...

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New Center Aims to Improve Learning, Campus Life

Temple University's new Ambler Campus Technology center (ACT Center) sets the bar a little higher on learning technology in one big cluster...

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Podcasting Makes the Grade

In 2004 students checked out 13,000+ cassette tapes of lectures at UC Davis...

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CUNY Uses Cell Phones to Educate Students

Raves (from Rave Wireless Inc.) at CUNY...

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