IT Trends :: Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Technology

Into the Wireless Generation

A University of Virginia student newspaper associate editor raises questions and concerns about students using technology to slack off in class. However, he combines the issue of responsible Internet use with the need for more wireless access on campus. One part of the school found a solution by providing full wireless access throughout the building with a system that allows professors to switch it off during class…

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New Center Aims to Improve Learning, Campus Life

Temple University's new Ambler Campus Technology center (ACT Center) sets the bar a little higher on learning technology in one big cluster. "On the first floor of the building, in addition to the ACT center, there are new art studios and a café. The second floor has several computer classrooms that seat up to 40 people and smart-technology classrooms. On the third floor are more computer labs, one of which seats up to 40 people, more smart classrooms, and additional student lounges."…

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Podcasting Makes the Grade

In 2004 students checked out 13,000+ cassette tapes of lectures at UC Davis. In the fall of 2005, the university campus undertook a pilot run of recording devices and distribution methods to see if podcasting was suitable for their learning environment. This is a useful, fairly comprehensive case study/report on how that campus moved to podcasting…

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CUNY Uses Cell Phones to Educate Students

Raves (from Rave Wireless Inc.) at CUNY: Students can now get to homework assignments and campus computer lab availability info with their cell phones. They can also "participate in surveys, start telephonic class discussions, arrange study groups or receive alerts from the college." The program takes advantage of the fact that more than 90 percent of students own or use mobile phones…

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