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Athletes Learn to Be Careful with MySpace, Facebook Web Sites

Some college athletics administrators monitor athletes' profiles on sites like Facebook, and some even forbid athletes from posting on the sites. At Bowling Green State University, a football coach saw pictures of team members in a hot tub on the popular social networking site To teach the young men a lesson about public image, he made the players run sprints until they actually got sick to their stomachs…

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Virgin Atlantic Adds Laptop Restrictions

Plan to fly Virgin Atlantic with your Dell or Apple computer? Time to see if there are alternate flights. Virgin requires you to remove the batteries and not use them during flight: "Any removed or spare batteries must be individually wrapped/protected and placed in your carry on baggage." Virtual meetings look more and more attractive…

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Some Dorms Receive Wireless at Brown University

Somehow, it seems like a time warp when we read headlines like this in late 2006. There are no doubt very good reasons why this is just happening at Brown. We all know how university financing works (or d'esn't), but part of us keeps thinking that we're about at the point where there are no "dorms" left without wireless, no?...

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IBM PC Turns 25

This article actually has to describe what a floppy disc is for its readers! Something many of us lived through is condensed to: "A floppy disk is a thin, plastic disk that was coated with a magnetic substance used to store data. Earliest disks were 8 inches wide, more efficient disks shrunk to 5 1/4 inches, then 3 1/2 inches. Unlike a CDs or DVDs of today, the disks were floppy, or flexible."…

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