IT Trends :: Thursday, October 19, 2006

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DVDs: They Will Survive

“Download to own” is not the same as “download to burn,” which this writer believes is something that most consumers are still ignorant about. He sees a long tail to the production and use of DVDs. As he puts it, “they’re not going the way of the 8-track and the audio cassette.” He could be right, but we’re not investing in DVD production any time soon…

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Taking Duke’s Temperature

There are more than 100,000 “points” of control in the Duke University heating and cooling system, and Dennis Woody can access any one he wants from his network of computers around campus. Looking virtually around campus: “It’s 73.5 degrees in that room, and the occupant has the thermostat set on 73.5.” Woody can sit and watch all the parts of the heating and cooling system operate. Sometimes, he can repair a problem from his chair…

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What is 'The Perfect Thing?' The Power of iPod

Is the non-linear thinking and interaction of iPod users merely reflected by the iPod, or is it caused by the technology? Would we have had podcasts without the iPod? Rock musician John Mayer says, “the iPod scroll bar has changed the chemistry of listening and now we’re a skip-forward generation.”…

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University of Georgia Streaming Video Servers Pack a Punch

Streaming offers more security for the intellectual property rights of video owners and its use by faculty of the University of Georgia is increasing. Biggest users so far: the business school and the natural resources school. Those colleges have several gigabytes of files stored on the Web site’s servers…

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