IT Trends :: Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Technology

Microsoft Eyes Future of Teleconferencing with RoundTable

Microsoft’s new product, scheduled to be available in mid-2007, replaces that big speakerphone with a $3K device that feeds the folks at the other end of your teleconference a panoramic, 360-degree view of everyone at your end of the call, and vice versa. The initial idea was a “ring cam.”…

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Our Cyborg Selves

Are we already “bioborgs?” This author claims that when we go to the fridge for a beer, we don’t make conscious movements, we delegate the movements to an internal “biobot.” Very, very interesting…

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The Information Factories: Welcome to the Internet Cloud

Google is leading the way to the place where “computer-on-a-chip” becomes “computer-on-a-planet.” But, then, you have to think, “Why should it even be on the planet at all?” Hmm…

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Spamming Worm Gets into Cal Poly Computers

No one is sure how it got in yet, but the university is notifying 7,000 individuals that some of their personal information may be at risk. Cal Poly staff likely wish they were a little bit further ahead with dumping Social Security numbers as identifiers…

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