IT Trends :: Thursday, October 26, 2006

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What Is the Worth of Words? Will It Matter If People Can’t Read in the Future?

“Reading itself is an inherently artificial human activity…” And more people are beginning to think that in the future it may be considered an archaic skill practiced only by some subset of professionals whose work requires it. Is this TEOTWAWKI?…

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The iPod Revolution

It’s official now, and versions of this same news story are sweeping around the world touting the prescience of Steve Jobs once again. Yep, and it’s happened since October 23, 2001. If you’re into music, you know what we mean…

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Faculty Voice Discontent to Trustees at Ohio University

This article has little to do with information technology, but in context, it has everything to do with it, because Ohio University is perhaps the U.S. school most hard hit by IT problems resulting in releases of personal information. The ripples appear to be everywhere...

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An 'Open Book' Future Is On the Way

Now the author of a paper or book can act more as a maitre de than an author, inviting people in to work with them as the document is created collaboratively, even in real time, for free. Can you say “Google Docs?” We bet your constituents can…

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