IT Trends :: Thursday, October 5, 2006

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Recalls for ThinkPads Have Had Little Impact at State’s Colleges

IT staffers at Virginia schools seem to be not very alarmed about exploding batteries. Or more likely they’re totally helpless to do much of anything to handle such a widespread problem among diverse constituencies. Virginia Tech, for example, has posted only small notices on its Web sites, informing students and workers about the battery recalls…

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Yahoo Catches Up With Busy Family 2.0

Unsurprising, it turns out that information technology, especially Web 2.0 stuff, actually brings families closer together! Yahoo’s chief sales officer, Wenda Harris Millard, said “The study shows that regardless of their size or composition, today’s families value time-honored traditions like dining together, and they’re using technology to help manage busy, family-centered lives.”…

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Libraries Face Net Access Challenges

Public libraries have struggled to stay current with technology, but most do not have the kind of ongoing budget and techie staffing to keep things going. Still, a new study sponsored by the American Library Association and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has found a doubling of wireless access since 2004. High-speed access (defined as 769 kilobits per second or faster) grew from 48 to 63 percent in that time...

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UI Prof is 'Yoda' of Voting Machines

We like this guy. He helped to start ACCURATE (A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable and Transparent Elections) and he thinks paper ballots hand counted locally are our best bet. We doubt he gets much grant money from Diebold. Or maybe he d'es, so the company can keep a closer eye on him?…

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