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IT Trends :: Thursday, November 16, 2006

New Technology

A Method to Microsoft's Zune Madness

“Some say Redmond is crazy to take on Apple’s popular iPod – and crazier still to put limits on what Zune can play. Here’s how the approach could work.” The key word there is “could.” Some analysts believe Microsoft’s new approach to the digital player business just might prove effective in the long run…

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Technology Aids Connections, Learning Among UW-Madison Staff

The Community of Educational Technology Support (ComETS) is an informal, eclectic group that supports the exploration of new technologies in learning. Some current interests include groups investigating student social networking, using online gaming in the current educational system, and the use of “clickers” in the classroom…

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Purdue System Lets Students Access Lectures from Home

There have been an estimated million downloads at Purdue, as students enjoy Internet access instead of trudges to the library to check out audiocassettes. (What are “audiocassettes,” the young freshperson asked?) As of August 2005, the BoilerCast system has allowed students to stream or download the audio files from home…

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New Study Reveals the Brain's 'Steady Cam'

Scientists claim to have found the brain circuit that lets our constant, fleeting glances at the world around us get turned into a comprehensive, unified perspective of our surroundings. As usual, there are implications galore for silicon-based information technology…

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