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IT Trends :: Thursday, December 7, 2006


Ad It Up

By Terry Calhoun

Commercials on television tend to enrage me and laugh tracks are guaranteed to give me a headache. Plus, where do people find the time to watch TV?

The day that the Ohio State University Buckeyes beat the University of Michigan Wolverines, my wife and I bought our first new television. It’s been more than a decade since we’ve even had a television. (I keep wanting to say “television set,” instead of just “television.” I don’t know if that’s generational or not, but I suspect it is.)

So far we’ve watched “The Game” and a few iTunes-downloaded episodes of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” Our still-at-home kids, 18 and 21, have had “That 70s Show” and “The Simpsons” on a few times, but I haven’t sat down to watch with them yet. In fact, having a television (set) isn’t as seductive as I had worried it would be. The best thing about it is that on weekends I can hook my laptop up to it and work online using the 32-inch screen as a monitor and not have to wear my reading glasses...

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IT News

If There Could Be a Case, Don’t Delete That E-mail

One more thing for CIOs and IT managers to worry about...

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America’s Most Digital Cities? Think Sun Belt

Now, this is not where there are the most online citizens...

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SFLC Wants Re-examination of Blackboard Patent

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has asked the U.S. Patent Office to re-examine the Blackboard patent...

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A New Role for Information Technology after the Spellings Commission

Maybe you’ve heard of the Secretary of Education’s commission...

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Deals, Contracts, Awards

Northern Illinois University Leads Effort for Fiber-Optic Triangle

NIUNet and the Northern Illinois Technology Triangle aims to provide...

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Mandatory E-Buying Seen by Some as Burdening Departments at UVA

And the battle is on at the University of Virginia

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New Technology

Easy to Track Runners Via Their Nike + iPod Technology

This is scary, and since lots of new devices using this technology are in the consumer pipeline...

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When Professors Are More Wired Than Their Students

True, a professor who describes himself as...

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New Teaching Model Creates a Different Learning Environment

At Fort Hays State University, the most surprising thing they’ve found...

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Future Interaction Technologies: The ITWales Interview

Enjoy this brief interview with the developed of the Future Interaction Technologies Lab...

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