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USC Innovation Institute To Incubate Arts ... and Sciences Too

University of Southern California president Steven Sample outlined a strategic plan for USC's new Stevens Institute for Innovation designed to consolidate all its innovation transfer and development operations under a single hub, as well as to extend those operations across as many disciplines as possible--arts as well as sciences.

"Innovation isn't confined to science and technology," Sample said in sketching out the vision of the Institute. "It can also be social or artistic, with creative ideas taking the form of start-ups or licenses, new products or services, or even nonprofits and new organizational models. It is this broader--more inclusive--definition for innovation that makes it relevant and powerful within a research university."

In the announcement, several USC schools showcased innovative research projects, including the the School of Pharmacy, Institute for Creative Technologies, Information Sciences Institute, Roski School of Fine Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, and School of Social Work demonstrated their inventions at the showcase.

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Paul McCloskey is contributing editor of Syllabus.

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