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German University and SpeechCycle Team Up for Speech Recognition

Ulm University in Germany and SpeechCycle have partnered to develop complex speech applications for telephony-based voice recognition technology. The research will focus on human to computer communication, according to SpeechCycle.

"The ability to work together with an industry leader such as SpeechCycle provides a real world foundation for applied research that can yield truly innovative results," said Wolfgang Minker from Ulm University. "Our efforts in the field of Statistical Language Modeling are targeted at making Human-Machine Communication more adaptive and ultimately easier and more pleasing for caller interaction."

The company will contribute from its experience using and deploying commercial applications of speech-recognition software. According to SpeechCycle, the partnership hopes "to explore alternatives for creating Natural Language-based dialogs using statistical methods for more rapid deployment."     

Ulm University is a public institution located in Ulm, Germany with more than 7,000 students.

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