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CourseAdvisor Helps Universities Profile 'Ideal' Students

Marketing company CourseAdvisor (Wakefield, MA) has formed a Data Mining Group to help higher education institutions apply data capturing and filtering against their inquiry data pools to generate profiles of their ideal prospective students/enrollees.

The goal is to identify potential students with a propensity to apply and enroll and customize school efforts to reach them and convert those "leads" into students. CourseAdvisor already operates a heavily trafficked online education directory covering 500 schools and 8,000 programs, which should help schools find students well suited to their curriculums. It will do this via mathematical modeling, behavioral analysis, and search technology.

CourseAdvisor gathers data from the millions of students to its directory, and its Data Mining Group aggregates into other school information that CourseAdvisor uses to shape a university's lead-generation strategy to reach prospective students with programs that meet their needs.

The technology CourseAdvisor will leverage includes:
  • A unique search traffic management system;
  • Algorithms that produce high volumes of qualified traffic;
  • A proprietary search that produces high-quality leads – prospective students who are proactively searching; and
  • A technology platform that aggregates qualified search traffic and matches the right students with the right institutions and programs.
To discuss this approach to enrollment, CourseAdvisor will host an online seminar with Eduventures on June 21 at 1 p.m. EDT. Higher education professionals interested in attending “How to Identify Your Ideal Student: Using New Marketing Techniques to Boost Enrollment” can register at the link below.

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About the Author

David Kopf is a freelance technology writer and marketing consultant, and can be reached at [email protected].

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