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Kansas Community College Refines Administration Data, Admission Site

Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) will use a variety of solutions from Datatel to provide a centralized student finance and HR database and to create an online application and registration system. The community college will use Datatel's Colleague Student, Financing, and Human Resources to centralize its data to improve efficiency in enrollment, student services, financial management, financial aid, and human resources.

Colleage Student streamlines student information management via such features as automatically notifying students of status changes in class waiting lists, online meal planning, and online selection of housing preferences. Colleague Finance provides features like workflow automation and reporting tools to help control costs and maximize ROIs. Colleague Human Resources incorporates staff management features, such as tracking tools for recruiting and providing school employees with online access to benefits and payroll.

"Datatel's ability to collect and analyze data in a centralized fashion will help us promote institutional effectiveness, strategic initiatives, and goals," said KCKCC Provost Morteza Ardebili.

To redesign its website and provide online registration, KCKCC will use a suite of Datatel offerings: ActiveAdmissions Community College Edition, ActiveCampus Portal, and Content Management System and Creative Design Services.

Based on Microsfot SharePoint, ActiveCampus Portal lets students, faculty, staff, and alumni access data, while providing reporting tools and integration with KCKCC Colleague applications on the backend. The ActiveCampus Content Management system lets the university create and control its Web content. Datatel's Creative Services Team will help KCKCC ensure its site reflects the school's culture and values while connecting users.

In terms of online admissions, Datatel’s ActiveAdmissions guides prospective students through the complete enrollment process via the web and is tied  directly to KCKCCs information systems, and uses prospective student data to personalize communications with them.

“Our [website] is the gateway to our College, and we need to provide easy to access information to keep our students and faculty members aware of new programs and services. Online registration and enrollment will eliminate paper processes and give staff more time to attend to students’ needs,” said Baz Abouelenein, KCKCC's director of information systems.

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