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NTU, Rice To Tackle Computer Chip Power Problems

Singapore's Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Houston-based Rice University said they would form a research organization dedicated to resolving the power, heat, and current leakage issues that affect computer chips.

The Institute for Sustainable Nanoelectronics will focus on developing "next generation" integra that consume less than a hundredth of the energy that current models consume and will also be cheaper to conceptualize and produce.

NTU plans to contribute $2.6 million over the next two years to the Institute, which will be directed by Rice University computer science professor Krishna Palem.

NTU intends the Institute to "radically change the approach to chip design and evolve a design methodology that is platform-independent," Palem said.

"A major goal of this collaboration is to exploit the exponential rate at which the size of electronic components have been shrinking," he said. "The key is tying the costs for design, energy consumption and production to the value that the computed information has for the user."

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