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Virtual LSAT Course Slated for Oct.

Test preparation company PowerScores' new Virtual LSAT Course will begin instruction in October for the Dec. 1 LSAT test. While PowerScore holds onsite test instruction, the online course offer students across the globe the chance to remotely prepare for the test from their homes or offices.

The course costs $995 for 10 live, three-hour online lessons taught by instructors with 99th percentile LSAT scores.

Students are given a two-way headset so that they can speak with instructors and participate in class as though they were onsite. Online students can hear the instructor, view notes and questions on a digital whiteboard and ask questions via instant message or using the headphones. Online classes are archived for review, and close captioning is also available.

In addition to the headphones, course materials and homework assignments are shipped to students.

Four full-length practice tests are given to students, who take them at home and then score them online. PowerScore provides a comprehensive performance analysis of each test. Ten extra LSATs are provided in the shipped course materials, as well.

In terms of support, instructors provide office hours to students, and students also can email for help with homework questions, practice tests, or lessons.

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