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Feeling Smart at Nova Southeastern

A new "Shark Card" has been issued to more than 25,000 students, faculty, and staff at Nova Southeastern University incorporating both contact and RFID-enabled smart chips, plus biometrics, to provide a range of services to the campus community on a single card produced by SmartCentric Technologies International ( That's a lot on one card, but there's plenty of room for more: Benny Mohall, NSU's director of projects, systems, and technical support comments that the new cards offer "a platform for rapid expansion well into the future."

Currently, the multifunction cards are being used for numerous purposes: access to meal plans; purchases at retail shops and vending machines; use of photocopying and printing programs; and physical door access are are few common uses. Students and faculty in the Health Professions Division are using SmartCentric's SmartCity Password Wallet application for access and authentication with their Dental Practice/Clinic Management System.

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