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2007 Salary Survey

What’s In A Name?

We gave our respondents 59 title categories with which to identify themselves, but we should have known better. Those who drive or influence the purchase of technology on North American campuses cut across more titles and functions than even we could imagine. Is your title in this list of write-in responses?*

A/V Operations and Engineering
Academic Analytics
Academic Technology Researcher
Academic Web
Accreditation Editor and Consultant
Adult Education Assessment
Advancement IT
Application Admin, LMS
Application Training Specialist II and Webmaster
Applications Analyst
Assessment, Material
Assistant Director of Public Relations for Web Development
Assistant Registrar for Student Data
Associate Director, Biomedical Communications
Assistant Dean IT
AVP Project Management Office
Career Tech Department Chair
CE/TECH Operations Specialist
Classroom Services
Classroom Technology
Communications, Publications and Web-Based Technologies
Compensation Analyst
Coordinator, DE & Instructional Technologies

"Creative Technology & Business Innovation"

What's in a Name?

Data Development Specialist
Dean of Assessment
Decision Support Analyst
"Digital Communications"

What's in a Name?

Digital Media Services
Director of Admin Computing, Network, E-Mail, Help Desk
Director of Digital Education
Director of Technology Integration
Director of Telcom and Media Services
Distance Education Technician
Division Dean, Business and Technology
"eCurriculum Director for Academic Innovations"

What's in a Name?

Educational Technologist/Curriculum Coordinator
Electronic Marketing
Enterprise Support Specialist
Externally Funded Projects
Faculty and Instructional Technology Developer
Faculty and Staff Support
Faculty Member Instructional Technology Coordinator
Faculty Technology Center
Faculty Technology Coordinator
Finance, IT, Marketing
Financial Aid Systems
Financial Services IT
Head of Collection Management
IT Tech II
Implementation Specialist
Information & Planning
Information Processing Consultant
Information Resource, Technology, & Literacy Instructor
Instruction and Research Technology
Instructional Development
Instructional Technology Program Specialist
Interactive Media Design/Development for Instruction and Projects
Internet Applications Programmer/Analyst
IT Faculty Liaison
Learning Assistance Specialist
Manager, Divisional Technology
Media Center Program
New Media
Operations & Facilities
Retention Coordinator
Security Team Coordinator
Serials Librarian
Sr Director Policy & Data Resources
Sr Technical Instructor II
Sr Broadcast Engineer
Staff IT Specialist
Student Development
Student Services Officer
Supervisor, Computer Projects
SVP Communications
Systems Team Leader
Teacher, Education Research
Technology Initiatives
Technology, Classroom Use
Vice Provost, Libraries, Computing and Technology
Video Conferencing
Visual Resources Curator
VP of Library and Information Services
Web and eLearning Services
Web Communications
Web Marketing
Web Recruiter
Windows Systems Architect

*This represents only a partial listing of the 338 titles we did not include in our survey question.

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