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SafetyCare Launches Wireless Emergency Response System

Security technology firm SafetyCare debuted a new emergency response system targeted toward education: SchoolTrak. The new system is designed to provide turnkey campus safety features for classrooms and other campus facilities through wireless technologies.

SchoolTrak incorporates a two-way wireless communicator that can be carried by students, staff, teachers, and administrators. In the event of an emergency, a button can be pressed on the transmitter, sending a signal to call stations in campus safety offices or offices of others responsible for school security. The signals can also be sent to the SafetyCare Emergency Response Center. First responders can then verify the emergency and pinpoint the location of the problem. Dispatchers at SafetyCare can also report the emergency to local law enforcement.

"We can simultaneously update local law enforcement or medical personnel who are responding to the reported emergency," the company said in a statement released Monday. "This important [dialog] also provides people at the scene with appropriate medical and safety advice in the minutes before emergency response teams arrive."

The transmitter can be worn around the neck or wrist to provide easy access.

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