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CodeGear Releases 3rd Rail 1.1, Donates Ruby Debugger

CodeGear announced last week that it has released a new 1.1 version of 3rdRail, a Ruby on Rails integrated development environment that plugs into Eclipse.

In addition, the company, Borland's former tools division spinoff, donated a debugger to the Eclipse Foundation. The new debugger, included in version 1.1, was developed by and funded by CodeGear.

The debugger is now part of the Eclipse Foundation's Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK) project.

"Eclipse DLTK/Ruby lacked a solid debugger," a CodeGear spokesperson commented in an e-mail. "CodeGear believes that a high-performance debugger is an essential part of every developer's toolkit, and decided to help fill this need."

Features in the debugger include "stepping, run to breakpoint, smart step, variable introspection, hot swap, remote debugging and a free form expression analyzer," the spokesperson added.

Free trial versions of 3rdRail are available here. The commercial version with additional features costs $399 for the license, which includes one-year access to product updates and bug fixes.

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