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3PAR Releases Virtual Desktop Solution for VMware VDI


3PAR has announced a new virtual desktop provisioning and management solution for VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Dubbed 3PAR Thin Copy Desktop for VMware VDI, the new system provides automatic provisioning of virtual desktops, while cutting the required bandwidth and storage capacity. It allows users to create up to 128 virtual desktops from a single "golden desktop" image, while at the same time decreasing consumption by 90 percent, according to the company.

Building on the 3PAR's Virtual Copy technology, other features of the system include enhanced performance and scalability, allowing for the simultaneous booting of hundreds of desktops; greater visibility, with support of desktops mounted through virtual machine file system (VMFS) and raw device mapping (RDM); and granular image recovery, providing administrators the ability to schedule regular, automated "snapshots" of virtual desktop images.

3PAR Thin Copy Desktop for VMware VDI is available for free with 3PAR Virtual Copy.

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About the author: Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Florida. He can be reached via e-mail here.

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About the Author

Chris Riedel is a freelance writer based in Illinois. He can be reached here.

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