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IBM Releases Virtual Storage Optimizer

IBM has unveiled a new storage solution designed to help organizations take advantage of cloud computing technology in order to significantly reduce their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) storage needs.

IBM's Virtual Storage Optimizer (VSO) is designed to help organizations reduce their VDI storage overhead by up to 80 percent, based on current results. The VSO is available now as a part of IBM's Virtual Infrastructure Access (VIA) services and is based on an IBM Research-developed algorithm that not only decreases the physical storage needs of virtual desktops, but also provides for faster, more efficient creation of new desktop images, as well as reduced overall energy consumption, according to IBM.

"VSO helps businesses more efficiently manage physical storage requirements and improve utilization rates, energy efficiency, availability, and scalability of critical applications," said Jan Jackman, vice president, End-User Services, IBM Global Technology Services, in a prepared statement. "VSO further extends our ability to help businesses and schools embrace cloud computing models that accommodate employee mobility and enhance end-user productivity."

In addition to the new VDI offerings, IBM has also developed technology and business partnerships with VMware and Desktone. The partnerships are intended to result in a set of solutions for a range of organizations, including government and educational institutions.

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