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Turnitin Integrates Plagiarism Tool into New Online Writing Service

iParadigms, creator of the Turnitin plagiarism detection service, has released a set of tools designed to help students improve their writing skills through enhanced teacher-student communication and peer collaboration. The Web-based WriteCycle suite of services combines the company's Turnitin service with its new GradeMark Digital Grading service and a peer review collaboration and feedback tool.

GradeMark Digital Grading is designed to help teachers create a Web-based workflow for writing assignments, allowing them to edit and grade papers online. And the peer review and collaboration tool gives instructors the ability to develop peer review assignments designed for collaborative learning, including the ability to provide feedback on each other's work.

"The ultimate goal of WriteCycle is to improve student writing," said Katie Povejsil, vice president of marketing for Turnitin, in a prepared statement. "When used consistently across an institution, WriteCycle can provide the structure and continuity students need to apply their skills to any writing-intensive assignment in any subject area."

The online suite of services also gives teachers a host tools intended to help increase efficiency and maximize communication. Some of the features of the WriteCycle environment include an assignment library, discussion boards, a calendar, and a grade book.

The Turnitin plagiarism prevention tool can continue to be used as a standalone service or as a part of the WriteCycle suite.

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