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Latest Releases, Services, and New Product Versions

Student Relationship Manager by Education DynamicsIntelligent Student Relationship Management

EducationDynamics’ new Student Relationship Manager program allows administrators to track engagement among prospects and enrollees within an institution’s student-facing web-based programs, as well as assess enrollment propensity and student retention risk among individuals and groups. The solution’s reporting and intelligence dashboard provides administrators with both a macro- and micro-level view to identify students who are on the fence about enrolling and those who pose a retention risk. Schools can track critical information such as registration rates, recently answered surveys, website clicks, and more, to proactively target prospects or enrollees who are in need of additional support or resources. Enhanced dashboard capabilities include customizable student intelligence, student cultivation capabilities, an attrition-risk watch list, and stealth link tracking. Contact vendor for pricing.

High-Ambient-Light Display System

AccelerOptics has introduced a new line of Capture front projection display systems, designed for visibility in environments with high ambient light. The Capture systems are available in 72-, 84-, and 92-inch screen sizes, in native 16:10 format (compatible with widescreen computer aspect ratios). AccelerOptics’ patented screen technology consists of a microstructured surface that rejects ambient light while it captures and uniformly distributes projected light to a defined viewing area, creating a digital image with high optical gain and contrast. The seamless screens are light, durable, and easily mounted to walls, stands, or ceilings, plus they can double as electronic whiteboards. Contact vendor for pricing.

Polycom HDX 6000 by PolycomEntry-Level Room Telepresence

Polycom’s new Polycom HDX 6000 is an entry-level room telepresence system with high-definition video, enabling face-to-face collaboration among geographically dispersed work groups. The system features 720p HD video quality at 30 frames per second (fps) starting at 832 Kbps, and DVD-quality video at 30 fps starting at 256 Kbps. HD stereo audio quality enables natural two-way conversations. Users can also share content such as movies, spreadsheets, presentations, and images via a variety of peripherals (PC, DVD player, document camera, etc.). MSRP: $5,999.

AVerPen from AVerMediaInteractive Learning Tool

The new AVerPen from AVerMedia combines interactive whiteboard, wireless slate, and student response system features in one pen-based product. Starter sets include one instructor pen and four student pens, able to work simultaneously and function on virtually any surface. Instructor pens can control all Aver+ software features (including presentations with full annotation capability, image capture, video recording, and multimedia importing), as well as activate, limit, or expand student pen functions. Thanks to a built-in answer selection keypad on each pen, the pens can also function as a student response system. Price: $799.99 for the Starter Pack (1 teacher pen, 4 student pens); $999.99 for the Class Pack (1 teacher pen, 8 student pens).

MapleSim 2 by MaplesoftModeling and Simulation App

MapleSim 2, the latest version of Maplesoft’s high-performance multidomain modeling and simulation tool for physical systems, combines an intuitive physical modeling environment with techniques that generate model equations in symbolic form, helping instructors to quickly demonstrate the connection between concepts and the underlying mathematical theory. New features include 3D visualization and animation tools that transform multibody models into realistic animations, providing greater insight into the system behavior, as well as tools for managing results from multiple simulations. Price for single-user academic license: $995 (volume, upgrade, and student discounts apply).

XJ-S43W by CasioSlim and Bright Projector

Casio has added the XJ-S43W to its Super Slim line of DLP projectors. Designed for high-brightness applications and portability, the WXGA widescreen-format projector features 2,500 lumens output, a 2x power zoom lens, and HDMI connectivity. The ultra-thin device measures just 1.26 inches at its thinnest point, with an overall thickness of 1.69 inches. An RS-232C-compatible control terminal enables remote control of the the projector’s power and input signals. MSRP: $999.

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