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Latest Releases, Services, and New Product Versions

Camtasia for Mac by TechSmithMac-Based Screen Recording

TechSmith has released Camtasia for Mac, allowing Mac users to utilize the screen recording solution to create presentations, demonstrations, screencasts, and HDquality videos. The software records exactly what a lecturer sees on his computer screen, what he says, and how he interacts with any website or Mac-based application. Users can then edit the interactive content and share it online, on CDs or DVDs, or via iTunes for playback on Apple portable media players such as the iPod, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Camtasia for Mac is integrated with TechSmith's hosting service for fast and easy video sharing; users receive free 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of monthly bandwidth on the site. MSRP for Camtasia for Mac: $149, with 30-day free trial. A special introductory price of $99 is available through the end of the year.

Diggiditto Smart Document Camera by Califone InternationalDocument Camera With Image Recognition

The new Diggiditto Smart Document Camera from Califone International features image recognition capabilities: Once an image has been saved, placing the same item under the camera will automatically prompt the device to reopen the saved image. The device also features the ability to link audio and video recordings to a presentation file, enabling instructors to create single-click, multimedia tutorials that can be automatically replayed. Other specs include a 2-megapixel resolution with auto focus, 3x optical zoom, annotation capabilities, and an internal microphone. MSRP: $599.

Q-CS Power1 by SoundsphereCompact Powered Loudspeaker

Soundsphere's Q-CS Power1 is a compact powered loudspeaker offering a built-in 15-watt amplifier for direct connection to projectors and computers, with no additional equipment required. Designed for low-finished-ceiling installations, the speaker offers 180-degree-by- 360-degree dispersion, allowing a single unit to provide high-quality sound over a large area. Two inputs accept L and R stereo signals which are electronically summed internally, eliminating the need for external stereo-to-mono summing devices when a single speaker is used. MSRP: $329.

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