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The Latest Releases, Services, and new product versions

SketchUp 7.1 by Google3D Modeling Tool

Google has released SketchUp 7.1, the latest version of its application for creating, modifying, and sharing 3D models. An improved rendering engine facilitates work with big models, and enables quicker, smoother operations like orbiting, zooming, and drawing. SketchUp now can import and export COLLADA and KMZ files, making it easier to move 3D models between different pieces of software (including Google Earth). And a new photo textures function allows the use of Google Street View imagery to add real-world photo textures to geo-located SketchUp models. Free download available.

9240i by ReldataUnified Storage System

Reldata’s new 9240i unified storage system, powered by the RELvos 2.4 64- bit storage virtualization operating system, helps simplify management of block and file storage and improve storage utilization in virtualized private cloud computing environments. The system consolidates storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS) via an open, standards-based x86 platform in either single or dual controller configuration. This allows organizations to see, virtualize, and protect application data for multivendor and multisite storage environments from a single management interface. For data protection, an embedded firmware module features SAN-level remote mirroring, incremental volume replication, unlimited SAN-level snapshots, and block-based repetition. Entry-level pricing starts at $21,891 for 6TB of capacity.

HP SkyRoom by HPHD Collaboration

HP has introduced HP SkyRoom, high-definition videoconferencing software that offers real-time collaboration with no subscription fees. SkyRoom’s video engine enables all participants to see the presenter’s display and each other through a multiway videoconferencing session; the image engine gives remote users a view of the host presenter’s desktop and its applications. Users can share any type of application supported on their PCs, including office documents, streaming video, and interactive 3D apps. SkyRoom is available preinstalled at no cost on the HP Z800, Z600, Z400, and xw4600 workstations; it can also be purchased for $149.

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